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  1. ThomasF1234

    Giving it a shot

    Just posting some images I get on here to see how I progress over time!
  2. Just thought I'd let you all know I gave GIMP a go and go this: Feel free to comment
  3. Thank you that makes sense I will check the voltage. Thank you
  4. I’ve just tried using a different Ethernet cable and I’ve tried using a different power supply and still no luck. It says on the mount junction box that it’s 12 volts. Maybe since no power supply is working it could be the junction box but I’m not sure. Also I’ve just check that a computer USB carries 5v so that could explain Why the handset screen is so dim. So maybe it is the junction box?
  5. Yeah when it’s plugged into the computer the handset works as normal and when it’s plugged into stellarium it can slew to objects but the the LCD screen is really dim despite adjusting the settings. However the only time the handset works is when it’s plugged into the computer otherwise it’s completely dead
  6. I connect using a usb from the computer to the handset when using stellarium
  7. For processing (because I don’t have anything yet) I was thinking about getting photoshop and using this astronomy tools pack https://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/AstronomyToolsOrderingInstructions.html
  8. Hi there’s no signs of the motors initialising but when it’s plugged into the computer and I use stellarium it still slews so I’m guessing the power unit is fine. I’m using a 12 volt power supply from Halfords to power it . I’m not exactly sure on the version of the handset but I got it a month or so ago so I’m guessing it’s the latest version.
  9. Hi I was thinking about getting this WiFi adapter but I was wondering if I would still be able to use stellarium and connect my guide camera. Does anyone know? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone my synscan GOTO Handset has worked fine for some time on my eq3 Mount. However, tonight it would only power on when connected to the computer. Any ideas?
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