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  1. Paulturner46


    Hi Jimz. may I ask, have you found the GCSE useful so far. Does it have useful application? I only ask as I did a photography GCSE a few years ago at evening classes. It didn't really help with actually taking photos. Good luck with your new telescope from another new member. PT
  2. would someone be able to explain what the green box with a score in it mean on the profile part of SGL? I am currently 1 Neutral. I am sure this is not life changing but it would be nice to know. Thanks PT
  3. Hi It takes a bit of getting used to, especially when you go to move the scope to carry on observing something, only to move it the wrong way and lose it from view. After a while, it becomes second nature. It is a bit like reversing with a trailer. Which ever way you think it is, it's the other! PT
  4. Hello Ant from a fellow Maidstoneite. PT
  5. Just a quick note to say that this appears to be a very friendly site. Questions seem to be answered almost instantly and having delved through a number of post and topics have not seen any evidence of snootiness, snobbishness or rudeness. Just friendliness, helpfulness and enthusiasticness (which I'm fairly sure is not a word but should be in this case). Long may it continue. PT
  6. Nice tip. Will give it a go in my (nearly always) cloudy skies. PT
  7. Thanks. Does this mean if I get the relevant adaptor (Nikon in my case), I can get snapping?
  8. Thank you for this. Makes my shopping list easier to make. Now I know my sizes, I just need to work out the brands. PT
  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome. PT
  10. I wonder if any one can tell me what this is? it came with my Meade 4 1/2 inch reflector but there is nothing in the instructions to tell me what to do with it or where to put it. It has two screw adjusters and a thread inside. i don't want to be missing out on using it. PT
  11. Hello to you all. This is my first post on here. I have dipped in and out of the site but have finally joined. I own a 4 1/2" Meade reflector and have done since August 2012. Unfortunately, I have not ha much opportunity to use it for anything other that a bit of star hopping and moon gazing. Working shifts and poor weather have meant that my eye to scope time has not been great. I have two standard eyepieces but borrowed a friend's eyepieces when he was away. It's included a wide angle EP that was stunning and so am now in the market for one myself. I have always had an interest in looking up at the night sky, but the passion was truly ignited when my inlaws bought me a cheap spotter scope for Christmas in 2011. This was a Daily Mail supplement special but brought the moon, Orion's Belt and nebula and the Seven Sisters. Along with the, rather blurry, scope came a Planisphere. Once I worked to how to use it I was away. There was as much naked eye viewing as there was under magnification. I looked to the sky and liked what I saw. August came and, I've a child, I asked for money for my birthday. This, long with some overtime meant I had the funds for a 'proper' scope. After much research I settled on the four and a half inch Meade. Telescope House seemed the best place to buy and I set off to view and buy it with my son. After much very friendly, helpful service, we returned with the telescope. Since then, I have viewed the moon, double cluster, a few double stars and some misty patches that may have been DSO or may have been my eyes. I am on my second set of batteries for the goto mount, although I use it more for tracking than for finding so clearly I have had some use. My new year resolution is to get out there and view some more of the sky. I'm all ready, with new batteries, warm clothing, my Scope Nights app, several books and a star gazers almanac. All I need now are those clear skies. PT Maidstone Kent
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