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  1. Final update: It's been a while, but it turned out to be an issue with the mount circuit board. That issue in turn would blow the circuit board in the handset - thus causing a long process of experimentaion and elimination (and lots of blown handsets!) If anyone encounters a similar problem in future I can help identify the tell tale signs of a damaged/blown handset board (it's very subtle!) Otherwise, thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Not got to the bottom of this yet - will post an update when I do though!
  3. Spent ages trying to get my bearings and centre Alkaid in Ursa Major to then navigate to M51 (finder scope not my friend tonight) but when I was sure I was in the right place... Nada. Zip. Nothing. Is it just too bright with the moon out at 86% brightness? (I could see Orion Nebula so thought I would try to find my first ever whirpool) I'm running a 10" Dob
  4. I've used both the supplied power cable (into PowerTank) and a separate Baader power cable direct into mains. Both show same issue, so can only assume it's not the power cable. The handset cable seems to be working properly as the HC switches on fine to initialise and display the error message. Could it be a dodgy AZ cable? I'm not sure if this would have ever worked, but I switched it out for another ethernet cable - but this had no effect either. If it is a specialised cable then perhaps that could be a potential culprit?
  5. I was using a Baader power supply, but I just tried it with a fully charged Celesteon PowerTank and no change!
  6. Thanks for the message, but unfortunately that's not it. They are super stiff and a nightmare to get out once in, but when I retested I hear a definite click when inserting into the ports.
  7. Upon switching on the mount the handset initialises and then displays the following: "Caution..." "Both Axes... No response!" If I press enter it allows me to set my location, time etc. but will not slew. I have a SkyWatcher 10" GoTo dob with freedom find. It was bought new and gifted straight to me, so was unused before discovering this problem. The power is connected to mount and the motorised units are connected. The handset displays that it's running version 4.39.05. I've tried re-updating the firmware in the hope it left the factory corrupted, but its made no difference. This may not mean anything, but when updating and I checked the HC it displayed that I was running database version .2. I was expecting this to be .5 seems as I was running v4.39.05. Can anyone help a beginner out please?
  8. I have my first ever scope and I'm incredibly excited - a 10" dob. I had my first viewing session last night, (which consisted mainly of collimation and finder scope alignment!) and I had my first practical lesson on the impact of a very bright moon... Very basic question, but during these phases where the moon is so bright, what do you all typically look at? DSO's are impossible to reach I believe... is it mostly just the moon itself? I'm itching to get back out, despite the bright moon.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone - some new suggestions here that I hadn't even considered yet. I'll hold out on buying anything until I've had a couple of outings with what I have. I'll be sensible ...for now!
  10. Thanks for the welcome and the great advice guys. I think I probably am getting carried away and the sensible thing would be to hold out and get some experience under my belt first. Just excited I guess! I'm still unclear on one of my questions though, if I decided I wanted more power, would there be a difference in quality between my 10mm EP + Barlow Vs a 5mm EP?
  11. Hi everyone, total beginner here... I've purchased a 'Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250PX FlexTube GOTO' which I'll be collecting very soon (excited!) and I'd love to get some input on what EP's/filters to prioritise. The scope is coming with (1.25"): SP10 & 25mm EPs and as an extra, a maxvision 16mm (thanks to my seller being a top bloke!) I'm planning on investing in a filter (probably UHC over Oiii - only going for one of the two initially* due to budgetary reasons and UHC seems to be a better all-rounder). I'm in a fairly light-polluted area. It was recommended to me to get an 8 or 5mm EP for moon/planetary - is there any reason I should get one of these over a barlow (and using it with my 10mm), which seems to be a more efficient buy? For DSO's, is my 25mm sufficient or should I be looking at something closer to 32/34mm? If the answer to that is 'yes, go get a 32/34mm EP' - is there any reason for choosing a 2" EP over a 1.25"? - I'm purely thinking about budget and only having to buy the UHC filter in the one (potentially 1.25") size. I've done my best to sound like I know what I'm talking about here, but apologies if any of those questions turn out to be daft! All advice on this welcome.
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