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  1. Howdy, I have finally been able to sit down and complete the traditional SHO version of the M17 data set that I have collected. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/171962359 You can use the size buttons at the bottom of the image for different views and details are with the image. Thanks for looking. Cheers and clears.
  2. Howdy, Well, through the wet weather, I've finally managed enough data to stop reprocessing and actually create a new image. Please find attached my version of the Wolf Nebula, SL17, which is a HOO with RGB stars attempt. Please forgive the ugly halos, I think I know what it is although I lack the sky time to get up to the obs and mess around. https://pbase.com/image/171930855 Details with image and you can use the size buttons at the bottom for a bigger or smaller sizing. Cheers and clears!
  3. Thanks for all the comments and the likes. I'm glad you enjoyed the view.
  4. Thanks Adrian, nice of you to say! Also thanks to tooth_dr for the like as well.
  5. Hello, Here is my rendition of NGC300. Details are with the image, I hope you like something about the image. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/171157910 Cheers and clears.
  6. Thanks for all the likes, people. Glad you liked it.
  7. Hello, Another image from Lockleys Observatory B, this time the Lagoon Nebula. Details with image and you can use the size buttons on the bottom for a larger size. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170914376 I hope you enjoy viewing the image.
  8. Thanks guys, still looking for the lady! Maybe I'm looking too hard, I do not see her! Thanks for all the likes from others as well!
  9. Howdy, Here is my take on NGC6164 in a HOO blended image. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170865934 Details with image and you can use the size buttons at the bottom for a bigger view. Thanks for looking,
  10. Thanks Mark, less is more will be in my mind for all my processing now. Cheers!
  11. Well, my three dragon race has been run and I'm knackered with an LRGB, HOO and SHO each (We won't mention a rather poor attempt at HaLRGB for the quadfecta). For your viewing pleasure, here is my interpretation of the Hubble palette of NGC6188 and friends. I have tried very hard with this one to go "less is more", similar to my HOO version but with even less. No artificial sharpening, minor noise reduction and careful stretching, some colour manipulation to remove some of the green and the addition of RGB stars. I have left it a bit tame in the colour palette as I felt I was murdering good data trying to get it to be teal and gold all over. It appears to respond to the subtle colour change better and reveals a lot of structure in the nebulousness over most of the image. Doing these three images has helped change the way my processing is being done, with some core strategies for linear data now firmly entrenched in my mind, seemingly giving rise to much better data when stretched. Of course, it must be good data to start with(well,as good as I can get it). I hope you take a look and find the viewing enjoyable. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170749933 As always, details with images. Cheers and clears! PS: HOO version is here https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170749170 LRGB is here https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170726498
  12. Hi, thanks for all the likes, glad you enjoyed the view!
  13. Howdy, I hope everyone is safe and well! Here is my version of the Leo Triplets. Not all ideal data however as this is my first lot of useable data in several months, I'll take it. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/170624182 Details with image. You can use the size buttons at the bottom as well. Thanks for looking. Cheers and clears.
  14. Yes, mine was an older version of SGP as well. I would have thought that updates to the system like dot NET would go ahead anyway regardless. Anyway, my obs is 60 km away so it isn't easy to put a mask on the scope, I rely on my software to be set up and function properly. I use remote utilities to control the imaging computer. Special trip next week coming up.
  15. I experienced this myself the other night, an identical scenario and I am in South Australia. I have just refitted my camera after some repair work and was trying to test it and just could not get focus. I tried several objects across the sky and gave up in the end. I then tried to upgrade to the latest version of SGP and discovered I did not have the correct updates and am currently waiting to retest after updating all the relevant software. Will post when I get a chance to test, probably next week. Glad to see I was not alone.
  16. Thanks for likes, people. Alan, it is on the end of the Lagoon Nebula so if you can see that you should be able to see this. I also had it incorrectly labeled as IC4585 instead of IC4685. Cheers and clears!
  17. Howdy. Winter in Australia, hasn't been too nice this year although it probably does not compare to yours. IC4685 and friends. https://pbase.com/image/169726007 Details under image and you can use the size buttons as well. Hope you see something that you like. Cheers and clears, Graham.
  18. Hi, Slowly getting in some time on the scope, having a remote location has its advantages and disadvantages, like every thing, I guess. I have struggled to present this in a way that I think it looks both pleasing and natural, this is iteration 37.2! https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/...79/original.jp Details are below the image as are the size controls. I hope you find something in it that you like.
  19. Thanks for stopping by for a look and for the likes! Cheers!
  20. Hi, A bit of vanilla flavour Corona Australis objects in LRGB. Details with image, use the size buttons at the bottom. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/169457213 Cheers and clears!
  21. Purple in the image is now fixed, thanks to Bill! I will remember that one for sure. ?
  22. Thanks Bill, I shall give it a go. ?
  23. Finally completed my SHO version. There is some purple in the image I cannot figure out how to get rid of and I'm sick of playing with it. Hints and tips on how to get rid of it welcome, I'm using PixInsight. https://pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/169136922 Scroll to the bottom for size options and details. Thanks for looking!
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