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  1. Hello! Here is my HaRGB Horsehead nebula! Details are on my astrobin!! Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions! [URL=https://astrob.in/urhqx8/0/][IMG]https://astrob.in/urhqx8/0/rawthumb/gallery/get.jpg?insecure[/IMG][/URL]
  2. Hello! Below is my image of the pacman nebula. I am less than thrilled with the result. I am not sure why I do not like it, but something about it makes it my least favorite image to date. I will still take it as a win though. I can always visit it again or add more data. Its just that I had gotten a lot already. This is almost a total of 24 hours. 147 x 300" Ha 140 x 300" OIII Equipment listed in my astrobin image. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I am going to nudge in Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filters. I am not exactly sure how they will perform planetary, but I imagine they should work well. They are top notch filters.
  4. Looking good! You seem to be getting there. Has this been consistent? IS your guiding working better? That calibration plot looks much better
  5. Just a quick question. What is your gain and offset for your guide camera? I am not seeing many stars in your image. I use a 120mm mini and guide with an OAG and I get significantly more stars. I am guiding at about a 400mm focal length and near the edge of the field as well.
  6. Yes you can use PHD2 but they shouldn't have to. The internal guider works very well. As you are suggesting, it is most likely an issue with settings. I had sent a PM to OP. They need to increase their iterations, and change a few settings. I use the Ekos internal guider and I can see a few things that should be change before moving onto a new issue. This messages seems like it is attacking you, but I promise in no way am I doing so lol. I am just suggesting that if there is an issue with guiding using the internal guider then it is a user issues, not a result of the software.
  7. Thanks so much Allen! Appreciate it!
  8. Thanks! Yours looks REALLY good! lol
  9. I had made a post earlier stating I had some issues with OIII. I was able to sort it out. Imaging details are on my astrobin. 80 x 300" Ha 104 x 300 OIII
  10. Hello, I have been having terrible trouble getting HOO data of the heart nebula. This is an almost 9 hour integration of OII and yet the data looks awful and the final product is horrendous. I cant seem to figure out what I am doing wrong The background is totally washed with blue, and the signal is totally weak/noisy. For almost 9 hours I was expecting MUCH better. Its totally washing out my Ha data as well, perosnally I think this image is atrocious and its certainly annoying me for almost a total of 20hrs integration. In fact, I had had much smaller integrations turn
  11. Yes, I would definitely change the exposure to 2.5". I wouldn't change from SEP Multistar yet. Reason being is that it is the recommended default and works extremely well when you get everything going correctly(which you will). I just helped another user out over on cloudy nights forums and we got it all sorted out. Went from a 2" + RMS to now regularly below 1" RMS, we will figure it out! Additionally go to indilib.org . Jasem(Username Knro), the creator of Indi and Ekos/Kstars is regularly replying to peoples issues as well as his team of contributors and moderators. Specifically, Hy(thats t
  12. I guide with my HEQ5 pro from .7" to .85" RMS regularly. good nights I can get down to .55" to .70" RMS. It guides extremely well for me. What are ALL of your settings for guiding? What algorithm? Backlash measurement on? Etc...let me know everything or post a screenshot of the guide tab and all of the guide menu options form the "options" button on the bottom right. Your calibration plot needs to be orthogonal or at least close to it. I am assuming it is not. Can you post what it looks like? I would also set exposures to something like 2.5". IMO 1" is too fast and you'll be
  13. That's a good observation, I did have an RA issue that I did work out. It's definitely not a tracking issue. I did have both, but tracking error is now gone. I can confirm that too. It was east to west and there is no longer east to west elongation, it was mitigated eventually, but took me a month. I am thinking more along the lines of astigmatism from backspacing plus stiff tilt somewhere. The "elongation" your seeing I believe is astigmatism/tilt and I have been able to slightly change its direction when rotating my imaging train. It's in short 1" exposures and longer 300" exposures and alwa
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