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  1. NGC5139-my favourite globular

    There are also a few background galaxies hiding in the image and one in particular is hiding in the outer reaches of the cluster. It has no known distance and is 2MASX J13272621-4746042.
  2. M106

    Lovely image, nicely processed.
  3. NGC5139-my favourite globular

    Thanks for all the likes, I'm glad you all enjoyed the view. Michael, it is certainly impressive in an 8" and awesome in a 14".
  4. M1 RGB

    I have been mucking around with SGP to automate my focusing as my scope is very sensitive to temp, and I must say that I like the way it works although I think MaxIm and Focus Max might do just a slightly better job. The thing I like about SGP is that there is no slewing, it focuses on the field you are in.
  5. NGC5139-my favourite globular

    Hi, Tried to image my favourite globular cluster. Turned out not too bad! Only took umpteen tries to get the colour right, or should I say close. I remember seeing this through my mate's 14 dob at a dark site once, could not stop saying "oh wow", looks so much better than in my 8" LX90. http://www.pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/167207230 Details under image and you can use the size buttons at the bottom also. Thanks for looking.
  6. M1 RGB

    Good luck and have fun, above all.
  7. M1 RGB

    That is a great image! I like it a lot! Too bad you couldn't get any Lum. There is always next year to collect the data and add it in. Stick with the OAG and refine your polar alignment. Are you observatory based?
  8. NGC3372

    Interested in your results! Post them up when you have them.
  9. NGC3372

    Thanks for the confidence boost on the reducer/flattener, I appreciate that. It will take it from F7 to F5.6 which still should be OK considering the aperture.
  10. NGC3372

    Hi Rodd, Are you clicking on the link above the image? That should take you to a full size image. If not, I'll re-link it. Cheers.
  11. NGC3372

    Hi tooth_dr, I appreciate you dropping in and taking a look anyway. The reason I use a link is I try to keep all my images in one place that I can protect if I think I need to. I realise it is extra bandwidth and clicking for some, for which I'm very sorry. Cheers.
  12. NGC3372

    Thanks for stopping in to have a look. Yes, QHY9 camera @ -20C. The QHY9 has the Kodak 8300 sensor. It has been a good camera. Cheers.
  13. NGC3372

    Not sure if this is really worthy, I was very surprised at how clean the data was for 47minutes total doing a focusing/dithering/guiding/sequencing test in SGP 3. It still lacks some focus which I should be able to correct this week or next as I will have the right flattener for the scope. The only downside is it will also be a reducer as I cannot make the minimum distance for the other scope specific flattener that I have that offers no reduction. Anyway, here it is, NGC3372 Eta Carinae in LRGB. http://www.pbase.com/image/167076501 Cheers and clears.
  14. Cone in Ha and HaRGB

    Great image, nice and sharp!
  15. Orion Nebula Ha Reprocess

    I like the brightness of the second one, the others look a bit flat. The larger blend is good, too. They are all good though, no doubt about it!