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  1. Me and M42!

    Wow, great story! Your last pic is a beauty! Well done. If you are getting a green tint, maybe all you need to do is run the SCNR tool in PixInsight. Might help.
  2. Messier 78 - a dusty favourite

    Very nice! Great field of view as well as great colour!
  3. M42 in HOO

    It's a great object, isn't it? I like the HOO, looks reasonably natural and I do like your older image, too!
  4. NGC2244 Rosette HaRGB

    Hi Sloz1664, I think this rendition is much better and the back ground is not clipped too badly at all, although it still could be a bit brighter. Trying to blend Ha into RGB is tricky, maybe have a look around the web, there are a few good tutorials around. Anyway, I think you've done well to take all the feedback on board and repro your image, and there is, of course, so many more things you could do to the raw data but that depends on how far up the processing tree you are. I guess you know about Harry's Astro Shed and Light Vortex Astronomy PixInsight tutorials? The are great for assisting in getting going. Looking forward to your next object.
  5. NGC891

    Yes, that is very nice. Well done, great processing from the looks of it!
  6. NGC2244 Rosette HaRGB

    Lots of nice detail there and it seems your data set is not too bad. If I may, your red channel is clipped and your red, green and blue channels are not aligned properly according to the histogram. There is also some coma or tilt on the right side of the frame giving some registration issues with the stars on that side. Something to tinker with as you go. Keep it up!
  7. Scope balancing question

    You want your RA and Dec to be as free and easy as possible without being slack so there is no load/as little as possible load on the motors when engaged, which helps tracking and guiding. Balance issue will also affect the motors and gears in your mount. I find this video very informative for balancing. Others may have varying opinions. If you have something that is making the scope heavier on one side or the other and it is affecting your scope balance, you might need to weight the scope on the opposite side with something to ensure it balances properly. You used to be able to buy scope weight sets or you may need to fabricate something yourself. Hope that is some help.
  8. M42

    Thanks for the comments and the likes!
  9. M42

    Hi. Submitting my M42 for the challenge, suffice to say that no narrow band was captured or harmed in the creation of this image. Instead I wrung the LRBG to death! http://www.pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/166759195/original.jpg Telescope: William Optics FLT132 Guide Scope: FLT132 & QHY OAG Camera: QHY9 Mono @ -20c Filter Wheel: QHY Filters: QHY 36mm unmounted L R G B HA OIII SII Guide Camera: QHY5LII Mount: AZ-EQ6 Mount Control: EQASCOM Focusing: SharpSky Pro and Focusmax Capture Software: MaxIm DL 5 Calibration and Stacking Software: PixInsight Processing Software: PixInsight(calibration, stacking, integration, etc) and Photoshop(layer masking) L= 33X300sec, 10x120sec , R= 16x240sec, 10x120sec, 10x30sec , G= 20x240sec, 10x120sec, 10x30sec , B= 20x240sec, 10x120sec, 10x30sec Ha= x , SII= x , OIII= x . Binning: 1x1 Total Image Time: 484min (8.06hrs) Captured: 10.12.2017 - 23.12.2017 Light Box by Exfso
  10. First Image from Rebuilt Obs-M42

    Thanks tooth_dr. Glad you liked it.
  11. Imaging Challenge #9 - RGB

    Sorry, another question. Can I link to my image as I try to keep all my images in one place or do I need to actually put an image in here? Thank you.
  12. First Image from Rebuilt Obs-M42

    LOL! Another repro, tried to tame the core. Image a bit softer and overall a lot nicer I think. Use the original link or this one. I won't do another one and torture you guys and gals any further! http://www.pbase.com/grahammeyer/image/166759195 Feedback welcome.
  13. First Image from Rebuilt Obs-M42

    Hi, was not happy with the original, somewhat of a minor rework. Thanks for looking.
  14. Face on spiral bigger than M101...

    Very nice, Olly! What a beautiful galaxy!
  15. First Image from Rebuilt Obs-M42

    Thanks for the comments and the likes. As you all know, it is a labour of love! Looking forward to tweaking my setup now that I can fully see how it is performing, as I have picked up on some issues. Keep looking up!