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  1. Johnno

    I know it has been some time since your post on the I-nova imager. I have to I-nova cam with the cooling and hate hate hate it.... I cant see a thing with it most of time. The instructions suck , support sucks. I want to use the camera as a hand grenade most of time... Every time you change one setting you have to take darks... All I want to do is take nice images. I can get nice ones of the planets thats it... Any advice ? Can you point me to a place where you can learn this camera and have settings... All I fine is from the maker themselves and that to me is not a big help.



  2. Hi bud,

    this has just been uploaded today to the Mallincam site and it's a update to their manual done by one of it's user's, I thought it might interest you.




    1. cuivenion


      Cheers I'll give it a read while I'm on the train.

  3. have a look at this, uses the same software. The only mention of stacking is on a saved video file. http://www.mallincam.net/uploads/2/6/9/1/26913006/skyraider_user_manual_2.0.pdf Also you could use this software with AltairCapture to do live stacking http://www.astrotoaster.com/
  4. I had a similar problem with my ZWO cam, working one minute and nothing the next, shone a light at the sensor and nothing, turned out that the software had stopped working so I rebooted and restarted the software and all was fine, it's happened a couple of times.
  5. I don't think there's any stacking routine in Altair Capture but I could be wrong, I think you have to use a third party software like Sharpcap that does stacking .
  6. Russ try Sharpcap with the QHY camera , it can do stacking or Firecapture, both should be good for Live sessions http://www.sharpcap.co.uk/ http://www.firecapture.de/
  7. You should email him and see what's going on, there's been a lot of disgustion on CN about people not receiving their camera's due to ill health and he's got a back log so the story goes
  8. Our club as just purchased one, I think they will be a long queue wanting to give it a workout
  9. If your going to use it as a all sky cam, and if you've got a camera tripod you could try something like this a quick solution
  10. Altair have sent a email out saying they will be closed till Wednesday due to the show and i think some of the others are doing the same.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yponjqwyogc9kjd/Sharpcap.mp4?dl=0
  12. can the mods please remove my empty posts
  13. Nicely done Maurice how you've faded in the sequences, something different
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