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  1. Hi Robert, Brilliant - many thanks. I am looking forward to a very focused Christmas!! Regards, Hugh
  2. Hi Robert, Thanks for posting this, it looks to be just what I want and I have ordered a suitable Nano and the 5:1 NEMA17 motor and DRV8825 board. I intend to make the full version with 16 x 2 LCD and push buttons. I have downloaded the files I think I need from Sourceforge but I am a bit confused about the details regarding the construction for the full version using the DRV8825 driver. Is there a schematic for this? I can't see one in the Sourceforge file lists? Also the PDF 'myFOCUSERDRV8825.pdf' refers to the Arduino code being for a mimimal system but the sketch 'Focuserv125_DRV8825_F.ino' seems to have the code for all the bells and whistles, so is this the code I need to use? Sorry if I'm being dim but I am relly keen to use your design, fits my requirements to a T. Regards, Hugh
  3. From the album: Hugh's Stuff

    My idea for an uniterruptible power supply

    © If it works, please steal me

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