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  1. Funny you should say that - I just realised that as I have an RJ45 crimper, plugs, shrouds, tester, etc. (I installed a Cat 6 network in the hose and outbuildings) that if I cut my existing Hitecastro EQDIR cable to suit.......................................
  2. Hi, Anyone know where I can buy a short EQDIR lead for my EQ8? I am fitting a mini-computer to my OTA and I would like a cable length of about 50 cm. Regards, Hugh
  3. Great thread for Pulsar owners. I have just ordered a set of the shower rollers. The Pulsar nylon blocks are a horrible design and this is a great idea to replace them. Thanks!! Hugh
  4. Hi Peter, My solution, which is based around the Lesvedome / VellemanVM110, is to have the main control box mounted on the static part of the observatory. I added an Arduino based controller to the Velleman system. The Velleman board responds to the Lesvedome ASCOM driver and rather than using the Velleman outputs to switch the motor control relays on or off directly, the output signals are picked up by my homebrew Arduino board. This board then controls the motors. I actually use stepper motors but you could just as easily use the Arduino board to control relays to switch DC motors on/off. The big advantage of sending the motor control signals via an Arduino is that you can use fairly cheap wireless modules to send the signals to another battery powered Arduino / relay motor controller mounted on the rotating dome. I realise this is a bit daunting if you are not comfortable with using Arduinos or similar but it does make for a fairly straightforward solution to automating the dome shutter. My system using stepper motors could be much simplified to become a relay driven system. In fact, thinking about it you could use the classic Lesvedome VM110 relay circuit for the dome rotation and all you would need to add for remote shutter control would be two ready made boards, Sparkfun Teensy 3.1 XBee adapters available from Cool Components in the UK, together with the Teensy 3.2 and XBee modules and probably a relay board. If this is of any interest please send me a PM and I will be happy to give you more details. Regards, Hugh
  5. If you are using Chinese Nano clones they don't like voltages much over 9 volts on Vin. You MAY be OK with 12 volts but it would definitely be better to add a regulator to your board. Something like will give you 8 volts and it only needs the regulator and a couple of small ceramic capacitors. Regards, Hugh https://www.fairchildsemi.com/products/power...regulators/...regulators/LM7808.html
  6. Hi Gina, I bought a Pet Bed Heater to keep my obsy laptop a bit warmer. Someone on here suggested it - unfortunately I can't remember who - but it does seem to do the trick. They are about 20 watts, so don't actually get very hot but they are waterproof, so OK-ish in the obsy. I would still be a bit careful though and only run via an ELCB supply. Regards, Hugh
  7. Hi Mark, Probably teaching Granny, but perhaps posting on Cloudy Nights might be more likely to get a response? They seem to have some very knowledgeable people posting. As you said, it will be interesting to track down what is happening. Regards, Hugh
  8. Gina, It's a con - pure and simple! Do a search on Beelink software repairs. Regards, Hugh
  9. Gina, Have alook at this site. It may help. http://www.howtogeek.com/175649/what-you-need-to-know-about-using-uefi-instead-of-the-bios/ Regards, Hugh
  10. Just a thought - if you have the crimper and a couple of sockets and plugs then why don't you make up a 'dummy' Cat 5 15 meter cable and try it. See what speed you get without all the grunt work of digging trenches, etc. It would only take an hour or so to make the cable.................. Regards, Hugh
  11. I'm not an expert but if you already have Cat 5, it PROBABLY won't make much difference over 15 meters or so. I think the speed measurements are based on a total length of 100 meters, of which 90 meters is the solid cored cable with 2 by 5 meter stranded, flexible bits at the ends. There is also Cat 6A now - another chance to spend yet more money................ Regards, Hugh
  12. Hi Gina, I suggest you install Cat 6 rather than Cat 5. It's about the same price and faster! Regards, Hugh
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