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  1. That looks fantastic!!!
  2. Finally a clear night to test everything again. I've managed to put the scope on a longer dovetail ( thanks for that FLO great service as usual) and shifted the tube up towards the objective lens, this has massively improved my scopes balance and PhD now sees the axes as othogonal with a smallish error, this is can live with for now ( thanks Davey-T for the suggestion) . And having calibrated properly today I even got a very low error on my polar alignment so looks like my original problems are felt with. Now to learn how to guide properly!!!! ??? God I love this hobby when things work
  3. Saturn, Jupiter, M42, M31, M13,M51, Leo triplet and the Moon
  4. Thanks for that, I think I will stick with EQMOD, one less cable hanging around that way. So do the RA and DEC guide rates have to be the same?
  5. here are the other logs from the night. My balance is off, i think i need a longer dovetail and offset the scope to bring it into balance but that makes me think is there enough clearance for the focuser if i push the scope forwards towards the objective lens to bring scope into balance. PHD2_GuideLog_2016-05-07_220034.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2016-05-07_222222.txt
  6. What sort of signal to noise ratio should I aim for?
  7. Thanks for that, I will definitely look into that, and I will try and post up the earlier calibration. How do I sort out the orthogonal axes issue?
  8. Ok guys heres the phd log from last night i hope it means more to you than it does to me PHD2_GuideLog_2016-05-07_231534.txt
  9. Im completely rubbish at polar alignment so I got myself a polemaster to aid and speed up the process. I know the manual is pants but I have seen loads of videos on the tube, and I have been able to follow what's going on, and managed to align the scope. When I tried to verify the alignment with Phd2, a huge alignment error is shown (-104). I've also found other problems like non orthogonal axes when calibrating PhD. Has anyone any ideas on solving these issues? God I wish this hobby was less frustrating
  10. I prefer the second, stars look better and generally better processed, you've even got yourself a faint fuzzy near the top of the image. Well done!!?
  11. I used to use AM but found it just took ages and with the weather we have in the uk time is a premium. Polemaster fixed that I now get polar aligned in 5 mins and find it more accurate than AM and much less fiddley than drift aligning. Whoever invented this great gadget deserves a pint!!!
  12. No I didn't miss her post, I did have it set to auto and when the graph looked wayward I tried changing some settings, to see what difference they made. It just so happened I set it to off when I took the pic but I have got it set on auto now Nothing is true, everything is permitted
  13. Yes I created a new library for the session Nothing is true, everything is permitted
  14. Well fingers crossed, I'll hopefully try it out tonight and I'll have drift alignment cracked. Thanks very much for the suggestion Nothing is true, everything is permitted
  15. I think Altair is the easiest southern star I can see without the house blocking things off Nothing is true, everything is permitted
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