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  1. I was really lucky had mostly clear skies where i live. Was very beautiful the first time i had seen anything like it
  2. Hi. yeah i know they are on the first Thursday of every month. Just waiting for the time when I am free to make it to a meeting
  3. thanks everyone will try with a film canister and see how i get on
  4. Bushnell large telescope 675x 4.5 reflector. Model 78-467 . I'm not sure if its any good but it only cost my friend £15 hence not wanting to spend a lot of money on it
  5. hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much. I got a telescope for my birthday second hand it needs collimating. Is there a tool I can buy cheapish to do this (in the UK) ? I don't want to spend a lot of money as I don't know how good the scope is and if it is worth spending the money on when I'm saving for a decent one . thanks in advance
  6. Yeah i was quite pleased though I think it needs collimating. Haven't had a chance to take it out yet to see if it does for definite. The local Astro club have said they will help me if I go to the meeting next month if it does
  7. Thanks all for advice. It's my birthday next week and a good friend of mine won this on eBay for me as a surprise - Bushnell large telescope 675x 4.5 reflector. Model 78-467 it only cost £15 as she bid on a whim as it was local to us. Don't know if it's any good (probably a rubbish one knowing my luck lol) but going to collect tomorrow so will soon see. Will give me more time to investigate other scopes out there and build my budget. Anybody have or had this one?
  8. I don't actually drink but it seems the more into astronomy I get the more likely I am to turn to the bottle if I go by your guys comments lol ?
  9. Hi @Starwiz thanks yeah it's a great forum everyone's been really helpful so far.
  10. Thanks @Dave In Vermont I'm sure there will be more questions for you all
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