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  1. Ok, so I had initial problems with the Ekos program communicating with the iOptron CEM70g, It was indicated that as the CEM70 was such a new mount that I could use the Cem120 option, this worked but comms was intermittent, basically dropping communication, so after joining the Indi forum and speaking with Knro (one of the admins and developer of the software) he eventually, one Sat afternoon, through permissible remote access, managed to diagnose that the CEM70 has a different baud rate, so he changed the baud rate in Ekos and it works smoothly, there was some tinkering to set the ports etc in
  2. Hi Ouroborus, So after weeks of research, deliberations and some very informative info from FLO, I have followed a very similar format to yourself. Here is where I am at; ZWO ASI183MC Mc Pro connected to W/O Mk1 ZS 71ED via W/O 6aii reducer/flattener sitting on iOptron CEM70g mounted on iOptron Tri-Pier all being run on a 2018 MacBook Pro using Kstars/Ekos/Indi software to control camera, mount & eventually the built-in iGuider in the mounts saddle iPolar software for polar alignment also PHD2 for guiding if I can get the iGuider to commun
  3. Wow, didn’t even think of that one! Interesting option, thank you. The idea was, as the Cem70g has built in WiFi as well as a long usb cable, I would mainly be inside remotely controlling it. Same concept but without the third party windows laptop if you get my meaning.
  4. Hi Everyone, evening to you all, I have looked on the forum and searched the internet for a simple answer but yet to find one so am asking the question in the hope that someone or many people have experience or is experiencing this and has an answer. I have purchased the new iOptron’s CEM70g mount along with tri-pier, I’m using MacOS for operation but there are limited softwares available for certain operations. I have heard that Parallels is and can be used to run the windows based programs. My questions are; Which software/s do you use for imaging, capturing and processing (pre &am
  5. Any adapters required for mounting or is it a straight bolt on so to speak?
  6. I’m the same, just itching to pull the trigger! Flo have my sale for this as with all my astro gear. Just waiting for the listings because it’s never just a mount to buy. There’s always some accessory/accessories required.
  7. Thanks Neil, it’s a long story but I’ve been in preference for an updated mount to become available with usb3, the fact that it has a built in guider and comes with WiFi on the the G model makes it even more appealing. I too am looking forward to some initial reports especially regarding the I guider .
  8. I have nothing against AltairAstro whatsoever but all my equipment, shopping experiences, help, support, communication and guidance has been exceptional from FLO, so they will always have my my custom.
  9. Hi Flo, what’s he latest please? Just need to spend the pennies before the Mrs does thanks Richard.
  10. That’s really god to hear Steve, about being exceptionally busy, always good for business.
  11. Any update FLO on this being added to your website?
  12. That’s the idea. No additional guidescope but that’s on the assumption that the built in scope is capable of its job as good as an external one
  13. I am on the other side of the fence with this one. I am in the market for my first goto mount. To cut a long story short, I pulled the plug on an order for the CEM60 with accessories (sw 50mm Ed guide-scope, 120 zwo mm guide camera, ipolar, tri-pier etc) coming in at just under £2800, all because I heard a rumour of the CEM70G which had all this built in, modern usb3, additional WIFI, iguider, ipolar, etc. So I figured the least this would come in at is around the £2500-2600 mark, yes I know I will still need the tri-pier but in my mind I was prepared to go an additional few hundred pounds mor
  14. from what I’ve heard, is that the base model without guider and just usb2 will be labelled CEM70 and the one with guider and usb3 will be the CEM70G, I also believe there will be a EC version again this is all speculative and here-say at the moment
  15. Hi Neil, that’s more than 2 cents worth but very valuable information at that. I suppose I’m stuck in that place where, I know the cem60 has been around for 6 years or more and feel like I’m buying into old hardware, albeit still a very worthy mount, knowing now that there is an updated version coming (whenever that may be) but will have in date hardware/components, potentially buying a mount (cem60) that may become obsolete/discontinued within months of purchase My reasons for deciding on the Cem60 initially Payload capacity-future
  16. Hi Steve, in your opinion, why would anyone “really want” a CEM70 over the CEM60 assuming we go on the unconfirmed specification and here say listed? Im asking this question because I literally pulled the plug on an order with Flo for the CEM60, tri-pier and various accessories, simply because I heard of a CEM70G on the horizon. (have I made a mistake?) And only, mainly, because of the powered USB3 hubs as I am using the zwo183mc pro so naturally thought the transfer rate of imaging would be much better than if I used the unpowered USB2 of the CEM60. Also thoughts were, newer hardw
  17. I did start wondering about that after I posted it, think the excitement got to me. However I am curious how the Italian website have it as pre-order for the last week and no-one else have.
  18. Hi All, so tried my luck sending an email to iOptron for a release date on the CEM70 models, got a reply back from their Tech Support saying it should be this week
  19. New link, should automatically translate to English just by clicking on the link on all platforms, I hope. https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=https://www.telescopi-artesky.it/it/ioptron/montature-equatoriali/4788-montatura-cem70g-ioptron-8055517134832.html&prev=search Yes it does work, just tested on my mobile phone, will automatically go straight to website in English, takes a few seconds to load, hopefully this will be of use to those seeking an insight following this new addition of mount
  20. Sorry, so I’ve just checked and you don’t get the “Translate to English” option on a mobile phone platform but it does work on the laptop or iPad. yes you are correct, it is stating a PE of +/- 3.5 arsec and is coming in at just shy of 3000 euros which currently equates to about £2650 gbp
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