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  1. Thx. Indeed I now have a similar set up as a direct chain as your image suggests. On the one hand I can attach the Clicklock plus my 2" star diagonal to the Focal reducer and either use an eyepiece or an imaging camera although this sends the back focus way past 105mm. I was able to do EAA quite well. However I found the vignetting of the imaging chain in my live stacks to be very obvious and off-putting although I could manage some of this with flats. I found it just as easy to stick to swapping out a visual chain (click lock plus star diagonal and eyepiece) with an imaging chain as in your i
  2. Thanks Dave for joining because i am having the same issue. If i set up my Nexstar 8SE (i use star sense HC) i get good tracking. I connect to AAP, see my image and all good. I can goto an object from the AAP database and it knows where it was pointing so the AAP is taking to the mount before it sets off and stars to slew correctly to the new target. It finds and frames this. As an aside, on my Nexstar 8SE i get about 5secs subs before multiple stacking failures arise (and in fact on ipad i can’t modify the defaults (5sec or 10 secs) - seems to be a known bug). Anyway i personally prefer to us
  3. Turns out Helios will no longer be adding this function to their range so if you want such a set you will need to make sure from the vendor what version they have in stock. The advertising blurb on this feature are not being updated on the various websites for this product.
  4. I appear to have a dead AVX motor control board and so looking at options. I might just abandon the Eqt AVX route for my scope and go back to ALT-AZ but I like the rigidity of the AVX legs vs my old Nexstar SE. So wondering if there was a simple plate mod out there that lets you attach the Evolution 8 mount on to the AVX legs? I hear the Evo legs are not great (although better than the SE). I know Baader do a tripod conversion plate but this does not support AVX I understand?
  5. Indeed - I have a related forum question out there on CN after reading several posts but found none that map my situation and I certainly don't have the skills to go routing around with multiprobes and drilling out the MC board components!
  6. Thanks both. Yes replaced the battery just because the system was open. And yes I did the reverse tricks I see reported (HC into Aux and Camera into HC port; HC into either Aux 1 or 2) No changes.
  7. I have been struggling over recent days with a problem with my AVX mount. When I attach my Starsense HC as usual and then switch on I get (quickly) an "Err: Model Num" screen a few seconds after the HC Initialisation process starts. I have since upgraded the firmware on the HC in case this was a problem, but during the CFM update process the software did not detect the mount, only the HC and the Camera. I notice when I switch on the power (I have tried battery back and AC-DC converter variations and different cables) the power light starts bright then fades about 50%. Not sure if thi
  8. Thanks all. Got these from 365astronomy so will call them on Monday to find out what is happening here...
  9. OK so i just purchased Helios Apollo 15x70 to replace a cheaper pair. Part of the reason was to occasionally use filters. However on unpacking the binoculars i cannot for the life of me work out how to screw the 1.25 filters in place? I attach an image. I see a metal “well” on each eyepiece with a series of steps but not an obvious thread. When i insert the filter it sits nicely and rotates but never threads no matter how many times i turn it. I worry that i have an Apollo in theory but a Stellar design eyepiece in practice? Any thoughts? Thanks
  10. OK thanks for the advice on GPC so can I ask is it better to get the 1.25" nose piece and the smaller GPCs vs the 2" GPC which is double the price? I have a 2" nosepiece already and use this with my 17.5mms but adding another £200 for the occasional mag views vs £120 is a consideration. Will this markedly affect the view? I like the 2" nose partly because it grips nicely in the click lock diagonal but never quite sure if the view thru a 2" diagonal is very different with the bino vs a 1.25" nosepiece...
  11. I have upgraded my 8" SCT with the Baader 2" click lock diagonal and the Maxbright II Binoviewer with two Baader Morpheus 17.5mm eyepieces. Last night the views of Mars were excellent as where the star clusters (although, since I do not use a focal reducer, I mainly swam amongst them!). The Moon was excellent and, as a sketcher, it is so much easier to observe and draw with two eyes. I had no issues getting focus for my system. and so... Question 1: I would like to use the binoviewer at higher mag. I already have the Baader Hyperion 8mm and so I wonder if I have three choices and, if
  12. For those interested in a good read, today's UN/IAU Dark Skies conference looking at the impact of constellations and other night sky blights on dark skies for astronomy have led to a few reports on the background, the consequences and the mitigations under consideration. https://owncloud.iac.es/index.php/s/WcdR7Z8GeqfRWxG
  13. This will I am sure become a hot topic in the next few years. Currently 3000 satellites are active but this will rise to 20,000 in the next 5 years and prospective plans for 100,000 are now approved by International regulation teams. The professional astronomical world are currently assessing the impacts - it would seem that low LEO orbits like Starlink may be mag 7 problems in twilight periods but less prominent at later times. On the other hand OneWeb (owned no in part by UK Govt) will operate at high altitudes and so will remain visible for longer but their brightness may be less (being fur
  14. and so after a long struggle with a Draper rubber wrench I did indeed have a piece of the CL still attached to the scope - if extraordinarily tightly. Now reassembled and cleaned up on both threads and the CL screws back on again in one smooth motion. Duh!
  15. I think I have my own answer - I think part of the Clicklock is screwed tight against the Nexstar and what I can see is the ring of part of the CL - a thin ring etc and its locked solid. No obvious way of twisting this off! Argghhh!
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