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  1. So having only recently returned to astronomy after a long break, I have been doing solely visual up until now. I just received me ZWO ASI 120MC-S and put it to work on the moon last night. All images taken through my Celestron C8 with f/6.3 focal reducer attached (which I forgot to remove - oops!) from a 3000 frame avi captured in SharpCap before being stacked in AutoStakkert and wavelets applied in Registax. I'm pretty pleased with the detail visible for my first attempt, however there appears to be a strange background pattern (see zoomed crop image). Does anyone know what is causing this? It's not visible in the original avi files so I'm guessing I've used an incorrect setting somewhere during the stacking process?
  2. Apologies guys, the mount sold ages ago (originally listed in April!) and I forgot about this thread.
  3. Did you definitely have the dec axis rotated the correct way to begin with? (i.e. with the two silver marks aligned). I accidentally started with the saddle backwards last night and exactly what you described happened to me.
  4. Still available. Make me an offer if you are interested!
  5. Brought about 6 months ago and used regularly, but I soon caught aperture fever and have had to upgrade! Supplied with the two counterweights it comes with as new. Everything in excellent condition. Collection only from Exeter, Devon. I am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet if that helps. £85 and it's yours!
  6. Still available - make me an offer if you think I'm asking too much!
  7. Echoing the above, I've got one that was fixed with sticky pads about 8 years ago and still stuck solid!
  8. Still available, reduced to £225.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. Done this and light is coming through through the spots. I've also removed the whole mirror cell from the telescope body as suggested (only a few screws - didn't realise it was that easy!) and had a closer look. The spots are definitely where the coating has degraded. As the general consensus seems to be that it's not bad enough at present to impact the telescopes performance then I'll hold off on recoating for the time being. There is a fair amount of other crud that I reckon would clean off, so I'll have a go at that. The telescope will be remaining in storage for the time being anyway, as I just haven't got room for it in my house as well as my main setup. I've thought about selling a few times, but I know if I got rid of it I'd regret it at some point!
  10. Hi all, I still own an approximately 10 year old Skywatcher 300p dobsonian that has been sat in a rather damp shed for the past 5 years or so, and the mirror seems not to have taken this too well! The yellow bits in the image show what appears to be the silver mirror coating having been "eaten through". I have done some research and found that companies such as Orion Optics offer mirror re-coating services. Can anyone more knowledgeable than me confirm whether this is what this mirror needs?
  11. M110


    Hello and welcome glad you have finally joined the dark side!
  12. Since getting back into the hobby about 6 months ago, I have been using a SW 102mm mak on an EQ3-2 mount - and have been very happy with the performance of this little package on everything I have thrown at it. But you know how it is, aperture and equipment fever bites and soon grand plans are being made.... Hence in the last couple of weeks my main setup has morphed into the following... The old: EQ6 mount - the old black version which I've had since 2007. For the last 4 years or so (when my astronomy break began) it's been sat around going rusty in my parents shed. Fortunately the rust is just cosmetic and the mount still functions perfectly. I've now reclaimed it and pressed it back into service. The new to me: Celestron C8 SCT which I picked up recently on eBay. I have been trying to estimate it's age and I think it was probably made around 2005 or soon after. Dark grey tube, XLT coatings. Optics are in excellent condition and it performed really well this evening. I've just been out with this new setup for around 2 hours of testing and observing and so far I am extremely pleased. Stars are tight and sharp, the extra aperture is immediately noticeable and the moon was stunning (especially in my new ES 14mm 82 degree eyepiece - thank you Santa!). I am currently keeping the 102 mak and EQ3 combo as a grab and go kit but may look to rationalise to just the one scope in the future. Sorry for all the clouds that all of this will inevitably bring!
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