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  1. Great start Helen, I aways leave it to late to image this target and weather conditions spoil its protential. Dean
  2. Fantastic M45 Ian, Work tomorrow for me. sound like your having a great time, Maybe one day I could be experience the same thing. Dean
  3. Dean

    NGC 281

    Hi, Thanks nytecam each sub was 240secs long @ ISO 800 Dean
  4. Hi Here is the milkyway taken 13th September from Hardys monument in Dorset. Canon 1000d 22 frames Iso 1600 30 secs each Thanks Dean
  5. Hi here is NGC 281 taken with a DSLR Modded Canon 450d 22 frames Iso 800 Meade 127mm Guided using QHY5 Thanks Dean
  6. That's a really nice image, great star colour Dean
  7. I love your whole disk presentation Ant I am finding that I have to reduce the apature of my PST when using my QHY5v to avoid over exposure of the granules. How do you get on using the DMK? Thanks Dean
  8. Hi thanks for the comments, I used the software that came with the camera QGVideo. Here are the parts needed also to get focus. Thanks Dean
  9. Hi , I was able to get this image today using a PST and QHY5v. Thanks Dean
  10. Dean


    Nice M13 Earl Dean
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