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  1. clouds for weeks now!!!

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    2. Pig


      It does seem to be never ending ATM

    3. Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Haha you got a heq5 pro and now its clouds clouds clouds?

    4. Gutross


      oh i wish, heck i wish i had a scope worthy of that mounts, it just seems the amount of clouds is equil to the cost of what youve just purchased

  2. clouds clouds clouds

  3. pfff want to see and capture the SN. Clouds^2

  4. Three very clear night coming up monday, tuesday and prolly wednesday!

    1. Space Dragon

      Space Dragon

      Where ? .....Australia...?

  5. Hmmzz emailed FLO 4 (!!) times this week, no response. Thats weird right?

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    2. Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Obi Wan Ken00bi

      If I email to questions@... I get an email from some feedback system....

    3. Obi Wan Ken00bi

      Obi Wan Ken00bi

      anyway, I ordered somewhere else in the meantime....

    4. Daniel-K


      you should use there help desk serivce alot faster

  6. Just ordered a qhy5 from Cyclops Optics. Anyone heard of them?

  7. Took delivery of my ST80, allready great detail on the bricks of my neighbours house ;)

  8. Waiting for my travel/guide scope to arrive!!

    1. K3ny0n


      What did you get matey?

  9. Praying to... uhm Jupiter.... for a clear night

  10. Uk clear skies, have fun guys! Us dutch have all the clouds at the moment

  11. two clear nights in a row, im fulfilled for the time being...

  12. HHhmmm.... clear skies I need

  13. Waiting for my 12, 18 and 25 BST's to arrive!

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