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  1. Sorry to hear. Make sure everything gets a double disinfecting, the smell probably won't be the worst of what's in there
  2. Afternoon all, sorry I've been absent for a couple of weeks, I've had plenty of non-astro things on lately. The observatory is slowly progressing when the weather allows, the walls are now clad to the top (Thanks Scorpius, yes all plum, level and square:) ). I've now got two of the joists up that will carry the rails for the roof too. As for a pier I decided to go with a locally fabricated steel pier. I've yet to arrange this but have got a fairly good idea of design, which will then be bolted in to the block. Hopefully some updates to follow at the weekend.
  3. Looking really great! Looks like another washout weekend for me.
  4. Thanks all, http://astrometry.net/ is the one I was trying to remember
  5. Hi all, I've searched and searched and starting to convince myself i've made it up. I seem to recall (or imagine!) in the past using a website where you can upload your photographs and it identifies the area of the sky for you and the stars in it. Can someone kindly remind me as to what/where it is? Many thanks!
  6. Came here to say exactly this. Also, since you're talking LEDs and occasional use you could consider a battery that is attached to the roof, and therefore mobile, if you really need a permanent set up
  7. Progress has stalled a little due to other commitments and the weather. I've made start with the vapour barrier and cladding but only about a third of the way up the walls. The timber is sat waiting for the walls and roof so i just need some decent weather to get cracking with it, lets see what the weekend brings. Not quite a photo of the current state but I'm not a great deal further.
  8. Nice! Great write up too. Just one question; are you sure you have enough screens?
  9. Another very busy day today. We've got the frames up! And another shot that shows a bit better how much slope there is on the garden.
  10. A busy day today. Me and my brother got the last of the posts in for the base and then constructed most of the frames for the walls. I've not got many pics to share today, just this one showing a few of the frames More to come tomorrow all being well.
  11. I was thinking of getting a similar such IR webcam and wonder if anyone can shed any light on whether it will affect imaging?
  12. Pier hole done! Yesterday turned in to an epic concrete mixing adventure. The hole is now filled with approximately one cubic meter of concrete, which equates two 18 mixers worth. Ready mix would have perhaps been a better idea but it would have presented a lot of challenges getting it to location. Steve
  13. Less flicker and less hassle doesn't sound like a bad deal for the extra few quid. I can be in and out of my garage before the light comes on some times. Should look in to that really
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