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  1. I had a problem getting enough data on this one as I have had a lot of cloudy nights. Imaged over three nights Ha of 11 x 900 un binned RGB of 5 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 scope WO 90 megrez at F 5.5 QHY9m camera Bob
  2. Thanks Bryan I just wish we could get a few clear nights to get at it ! Bob
  3. I got 8 x 900 un binned of Ha on Thursday night on the Pelican the first of the new season I combined this with 9 x 600 of RGB from 2015 it is nice to have got out again. scope WO 90 EQ6 mount QHY9m and QHY8 Pro Bob
  4. Thanks for the helpful reply’s I will take these comments on board. I have two set up’s the other is wide field with a German mount which works fine but my other observatory has a better view of the sky that is why I went for a TS 65 piggybacked on the wedge mounted SCT without having to do a meridian flip is a bonus the bigger Celestron 11” doesn’t get much use until the Winter month’s so during my Summer break I will start setting up the new scope and balance it all up and be ready for action when the darker nights come along for my latitude it’s normally the middle of August. Bob
  5. I have one fitted also but what I was thinking is which ever scope I am not imaging with does it need to have weight fitted while imaging with the other scope to maintain balance. Bob
  6. I image at the moment with a SCT I am going to mount small refractor piggyback my question is say I was imaging with the refractor do I need to add a weight in the Focuser of the SCT with it not having a camera in at the time to maintain balance as I was going to mount two cameras of the same weight for the initial balancing ? Bob
  7. Thanks Rob it is a bit low down for me at my site and the weather has not helped but I may be able to add to it next year as it is still a bit noisy. Bob
  8. This was imaged over four nights at the end of April and the start of May I need more data but the nights are to light now for me so I may add to it next year imaging details Luminance of 18 x 600 RGB of 5 x 300 each all binned 2 x 2 11" Celestron scope at F 6.3 FL of 1764 mm QHY9m camera
  9. Thanks for the feed back it is a nice little galaxy and has a sharp bright dust lane it has been on my list for a while. Bob
  10. Imaged over two nights 18/19-04-18 Luminance of 12 x 600 un binned RGB of 6 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 The Luminance night was poor seeing but you have to get what you can in the UK Celestron 11" scope at F 6.3 FL of 1764 mm QHY9 m camera Bob
  11. Thanks for the kind comments this galaxy does not get imaged very much but it has plenty of detail in it. Bob
  12. Thanks DP It has been a struggle to get any data with the weather we have had. Bob
  13. It has taken me a while to collect this data due to the poor weather of late I managed to get my RGB data on Saturday night. Imaged over three nights Luminance of 19 x 600 RGB of 5 x 300 each all binned 2 x 2 Celestron 11" scope at F 6.3 FL of 1764 mm QHY9 m camera Bob
  14. My that is expensive Chris but it might be a nice Christmas present ? Bob
  15. Hi Chris I did a lot of work on the wedge and all over the mount fitting aluminium plates to try and make it as rigid as possible I can get decent subs at F 10 on a good day but I think that using the F 6.3 reducer gives me the best results and I wish I had used binned 2 x 2 on my Luminance subs a few years ago. There is a lot of Focal reducers that come up on second hand sights and they are not expensive that's where I got mine from if you want one. I did notice that the 15 minute subs gave me bloating on the larger stars but on another target where the stars are not as big as these were maybe the stars would be okay so I may give the 15 minute subs another try when next out imaging. Bob
  16. Thanks for the feed back. Yes DP I did notice that little galaxy when I checked it out it came up with a strange notation and no other info. Yes Chris it is a celestron 11" CPC on a wedge I get mostly good guiding depending on the position of the target I had another 5 subs of 15 minutes of Luminance but when I combined them it added little to the image just bloated the larger stars a bit so I left them out I have started using binning 2 x 2 for the Luminance which seems to be a win situation with long FL's. Bob
  17. Imaged over two nights 20/24-03-18 Luminance of 16 x 600 binned 2 x 2 RGB of 6 x 300 binned 2 x 2 Celeston 11" scope at F 6.3 1764 FL QHY9m camera Bob
  18. Thanks for the kind comments guys. I used my Celestron 11" scope with a 6.3 focal reducer giving it a FL of 1764 mm Chris I sometimes go for the prime focus of 2800 mm but I very rarely ever get good enough skies to get a respectable result. Bob
  19. Thanks for the comment it does not seem to get imaged very much which is a shame as it's got a lot going on in there. Bob
  20. With the weather being so bad of late I captured the Luminance and colour data last month on Thursday night I managed to get some Ha data through the cloud gaps still a bit noisy but here is the effort so far for this year. Luminance of 14 x 600 un binned + 9 x 600 binned 2 x 2 RGB of 5 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 Ha of 9 x 600 binned 2 x 2 Bob
  21. Thanks Mike it was brighter than I thought it was going to be I would like to add more to it on a future date. Bob
  22. I managed to get some Olll and Sll data on Saturday night to add to my Ha data collected in December I think this target needs more data but I have not had many clear nights of late. This image is in the Hubble palette. Ha of 11 x 1200 un binned Olll of 6 x 1200 binned 2 x 2 Sll of 4 x 1200 binned 2 x 2 WO 90 megrez scope at F 5.5 QHY9m camera Bob
  23. This area is worth looking at Goran best of luck. Bob
  24. Thanks for the comments at the bottom of the image is the Blue reflection nebula Ced 30 which is another good target. Bob
  25. I imaged this dusty nebula over 3 nights seemed an interesting target. Luminance of 22 x 900 un binned RGB of 8 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
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