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  1. Thanks Roger With having a bit more time over the weekend I have reprocessed the data as I had clipped the black point on the first attempt see if this looks any better. Bob
  2. I might get some RGB on this one Terry when the Moon is not out and combine it with the Ha data.
  3. Thanks Gina these narrowband images are a bit difficult to get just right. Bob
  4. This is a target I have missed over the years I thought I would have a go at it in narrowband with the Hubble Palette I would have liked to have captured more SII but with the clouds this week this is all I got. Imaged over two nights 02/07-10-19 Ha of 12 x 900 OIII of 12 x 900 and 5 x 900 of SII all binned 2 x 2 WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  5. Great capture Peter lots of detail in there with lots of time on it and it has paid off. Bob
  6. Thanks Carole, Alan and sub dwarf the detail was a bit of a challenge to pull out it is a nice target. Bob
  7. I managed to complete my LRGB image of Vdb 152 last night it comprises of 16 x 600 Luminance un binned RGB of 10 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  8. Imaged over two nights 26/31-08-19 Luminance of 13 x 600 un binned RGB of 8 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 TS 65 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  9. First image of the imaging season for me taken over two nights 24-25-08-2019 Vdb5 in Cassiopeia this is a LRGB image Luminance of 18 x 600 un binned and RGB of 8 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 Scope WO 90 camera QHY9m Bob
  10. What a capture well worth all your effort well done. Bob
  11. Thanks for the comments Wim I had a few problems imaging it I think the seeing was not at its best it made the processing more difficult as a result. Bob
  12. Two interacting galaxies NGC 3432 mag 11.6 and UGC 5983 mag 15 .5 imaged over two nights 27-02-19 / 28-04-19 Luminance of 19 x 600 un binned RGB of 5 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 Celestron 11 " scope at F 6.3 QHY9m camera this has been a bit difficult to process I have tried a few different versions this is it up until now. Bob
  13. I have run the image through pixinsight and applied the scnr tool to remove the green tinge it does look a bit better I will try and remember to do it in future most times I think on but not this time. Bob
  14. Thanks for the feedback after processing for a while I tend to get a bit colour blind I usually give the final image a run in pixinsight and run the SNCR tool which usually fixes the green tinge I didn’t bother on this occasion it’s an age thing I will give it a run through later and see how it turns out. Bob
  15. I thought I would have a go at imaging M 92 as it does not seem to get imaged as much as Hercules other more famous global cluster M13 this is a start. 13 x 300 un binned Luminance subs WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  16. I managed to get 6 x 900 binned 2 x 2 subs of Ha data on Thursday night on M 101 I added this to my LRGB data from last month to create a HaLRGB image I think this has helped. WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  17. Thanks for the comments guys I was lucky that night perfect conditions. Bob
  18. Another target M 101 which I last imaged over a decade ago this is a wide field view Imaged over two nights 27/28-03-19 Luminance of 21 x 300 RGB of 8 x 300 each all subs un binned WO 90 scope QHY9m camera Bob
  19. It is over ten years ago that I last imaged M 51 so I thought it was time to give it another try this is a wide field view slightly cropped. Imaged on 27-03-19 Luminance of 24 x 300 un binned RGB of 6 x 300 each binned 2 x 2 WO 90 scope camera QHY9m Bob
  20. Thanks Des it is a nice target the poor seeing bloated the galaxy and stars a bit but living in the UK you have just got to go for it on a clear night. Bob
  21. Imaged over two nights 25/26-02-19 seeing poor for this FL Luminance of 21 x 600 RGB of 8 x 300 each all binned 2 x 2 Celestron 11 " scope at F 6.3 QHY9m camera Bob
  22. Remarkable image depth and detail amazing. Bob
  23. Thanks Martin for the comments from my location this target was over the North Sea it is about 100 mts from my observatory practically no light pollution in that direction other directions not quite as good so it does help for the faint stuff coming through. Bob
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