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  1. I have 7x50's kept in my car, 10x50's in the wife's car, 15x70's & 20x80's which I use with tripods for astro viewing. Never tell her how many telescopes I have, she cannot count that far
  2. S.A.M

    My new pride and joy!

    Nice scope but when you opened the box to take out the scope for the first time, the 'Box of Clouds' escaped as well. Now I know why we have cloudy skies here:D Happy viewing once the clouds have been put away. Peter
  3. We had clear akies during the day in Wiltshire, yet when the sun went down the clouds started to roll in, cannot win sometimes!
  4. I have taken a newbie to astronomy out twice for viewing, unfortunately the clouds have beaten us twice, even though it looked good up until sunset!
  5. Welcome to British astronomy! Clouds are a real problem, hope you have some clear skies very soon? Peter
  6. Can any body help me out were to find spare parts for a ETX 105 EC. The horizontal motor/gearbox is making a knocking noise, the gear teeth from the motor to the worm drive is not engaging due to the plastic clamp being broken. Found out the motor/gearbox mounting screws had come loose and caused the breakage. Any ideas for locations would be most greatful. Peter:clouds1:
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