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  1. As I no longer have a scope with a 2" fitting, I'm selling my 2" 27mm Panoptic to free up funds for other goodies. A lovely EP which is in excellent condition, with box and caps. The speck of dust in the image is just that, optics are mint. UK post only, asking for £200 which includes tracked delivery. Payment by paypal friends and family please, or small charge to use standard paypal.
  2. I'm selling my tall tripod. I bought this at the start of my astro renaissance to carry binoculars and allow me to view things all the way up to zenith, and it's performed that role wonderfully, including carrying heavy 15x70s. Also great for astro photography, nice and stable. Its aluminium construction, very sturdy, 3 leg sections, folds down to 65cm, and at maximum extension is 178cm. [I'm 5'11" for reference] As you can see it gives you all the reach you'll ever need as long as you're not a giant. Has a standard 3/8" bolt on the top plate for carrying any tripod head - I use a trigger gr
  3. I'm sure you're right - my main concern about shipping is that yer average courier wont be able to deliver it without bending the legs in half! If you're interested and willing to pay what will probably be a few quid (haven't weighed it yet but its got to be 10kg) let me know, I'm sure we can sort something out.
  4. price dropped - c'mon people I need this gone. Make me an offer!
  5. AZ4 alt-az mount with aluminium legs. A few years old and surface condition reflects that, but everything works and axes remain buttery smooth. Mounts Vixen-style dovetails. I replaced the clamping bolt with one that gave more leverage, but original will also be included. This mount is perfect for mounting short tube refractors and maksutovs, I used it with a 5" Mak and it was ideal (Mak not included!). I happily tracked Jovian transits at 200x with this. Only selling cos I've upgraded to a skytee for double mounted shenanigans. £60 ono, sensible offers will be accepted. Collection only
  6. Thanks Rob, I'm in contact with John, and he agrees its not right. In the meantime, if anyone has a photo matching the view in the first photo above, but showing the bearing itself, I'd be most grateful.
  7. Hi, paging all skytee 2 mod / stripdown experts! I recently picked one of these up 2nd hand for a crazy price, and its history is murky but it has definitely seen some use. When it arrived the alt axis was graunchy, so I stripped it back and reseated, and its much better now. BUT I'm wondering if it is constructed correctly or if a component is missing. When it is correctly tensioned, the bearings on the counterweight side of the alt axis are all Teflon - so far so good. But on the main mount side, where the slomo worm is, the first surfaces to make contact with each other is between
  8. I'll go against the flow... I have the Baader zoom for my 127 Mak and I love it. It allows you to find the sweet spot based on atmospheric conditions when you're on planets.
  9. I don't think you would have a problem with the 150 on the steel az4. I have a 127 on the alli az4 and it works just fine.
  10. Thanks - yes thats the one. But with postage I'm looking at £50, hoping there's somewhere in the UK thats not quite so extortionate!
  11. I'm looking for a 1.25" EP holder which screws into an M42/T2 male thread and is 15-20mm high. Like this one
  12. No, I've done the maths and it will still clear.
  13. I just picked up a 50mm Lunt Ha scope and its lovely. Only problem is, its focus range is small and my Baader zoom sits too far back in the optic train to come to focus. Various US forums say this can be fixed by replacing the EP grip (which is 30mm high and screws onto the blocking filter diagonal) with a smaller one. I've tried all the usual UK places and I can't find one for sale. Does anyone know who sells these? Example is here: M42 to 1.25" / 1.25 inch Adaptor
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