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  1. Sorry MBJ for posting M83, think a trip to Spec-savers is required.
  2. Thanks M83, I will try this on the next clear night.
  3. Hi Vacuum Afraid not, its got even worse now. I have SkyPortal downloaded onto my iPad. It opens fine but when I switch to compass it jumps all over the place. Instead of covering 360 degrees it only covers about 45 degrees but strangely shows all points of the compass, North back to North again within this 45 degree arc. I've just updated my iPad to OS Sierra, don't know whether this could be affecting it. I made sure I downloaded the latest SkyPortal App for Mac so should work. I think the next step is to contact Celestron.
  4. Hi Chris, welcome from Mike in North Devon
  5. Hi John Yes I have. Bit weird can't figure out why this is happening, was going to have another try tonight but I think its going to be too cloudy.
  6. Took my 6 SE out last night and tried to align using SkyPortal on my iPad with SkyPortal module on scope. Using my iPad pressed 'connect and align' and did 3 star alignment, first two attempts failed third attempt successful. Highlighted Polaris on iPad and used GOTO, saw scope on iPad slewing and locking on to Polaris. When I looked at scope it was pointing about 60 degrees north west of Polaris completely in the wrong direction. I then did a normal alignment without SkyPortal using the telescopes key pad, alignment worked fine scope pointing directly at Polaris. Any ideas whats going on, why SkyPortal is giving scope wrong information? Latitude and Longitude checked on iPad in SkyPortal App both correct. Thanks for any advice you can give and whether I might be missing something.
  7. Just getting in to this fantastic hobby, retired so now have more time. Had my Nexstar 6 SE for about 3 weeks, only able to use it once so far due to cloudy skies down here, hopefully will clear soon. I live in a rural location so not to much light pollution just need the clouds to clear. As a newbie will probably be asking a few silly questions, apologies in advance.
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