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    Finished with this little project. I'm still relearning the things I have forgotten (just came back to the hobby after 3 years), this time I forgot I need 4+ seconds flats for my QHY8L and it took a long time before I figured out why my integrations had some wierd artefacts in them Anyway, 46*3min subs with BIAS. No flats or darks. Telescope: Skywatcher 200PDS Mount: NEQ6 Imaging camera: QHY8L
  2. It's been a long time, around 3 years, but finally I'm almost up and running. I know my guiding isn't good but at this point I'm very happy with any results! Unfortunatly I have moved into a city and at the moment I'm collecting my photons from a rather unstable balcony. Telescope: Skywatcher 200PDS Mount: NEQ6 Camera: QHY8L 10 * 10min subs with BIAS, darks and flats.
  3. The polar alignment feature in the Skywatcher handset works pretty good, I do 3 iterations or when it's looks good and it's enough for guided imaging. The way I do it. 1. I align the mount using an app showing true north, I get this as accurate as possible. I have also marked the spot where I usually have my mount in the garden so it's just to put it back where it used to be and it's close from start. 2. 2 star align (3 star might work now but it had some bugs in the older software revisions.) 3. Polar align and adjust the bolts when the software tells you to. 4. Start over from (2) two more t
  4. Ehrm... I never bought anything without GoTo.I never used a polar scope to do a polar alignment.I haven't used an eyepiece in like a year since there is a camera in the way, haha. The closest thing is a broken 5mm Plössl with no lenses, I use it for collimation among with cheshire, laser collimator etc.I prefer the RDS instead of a ordinary finder since I find them awkward to use, not enough electronics in them I suppose, haha.I never stargazed without my laptop and smartphone.This might seems strange to many of you but I started this hobby very late (in 2011) and I wanted to be able to contro
  5. As a production unit you really have to use more than one source to reduce the risk of not getting any components at all. I work with surface mounting and for the most part using several sources of components are no big deal until you have to use different source for plugs and sockets, then it might get interesting.. hehe (Works for the most part, mostly production problems, not functional problems) But then again, I have no idea why Synta went with this kind of plug, it's cheap, but it's not suited for the task so the idea of using it should be binned. I also have no idea why they make the ha
  6. Well, there are some things you had to Fix right out the box I used to think like this, if they can't even put on a sticker straight they how can I trust them to grind a mirror correct? I really think the dust cap should be able to sit tight without falling out, haha, but, this is astronomy gear and I have adapted and now I can tolerate small errors, hehe.
  7. With astronomy gear there is "always" some tinkering involved, it doesn't matter if it's a $1 or $10000 item. And "all" astronomy retailers seems to have a problem mentioning what's you gonna get when you buy for example a refractor, tube rings? A refractor for the astrophotographer where you don't even mention the image circle?
  8. Ok, so I think I found the culprit, light pollution. The new street lights, that looks to be pretty good light pollution wise with my mk. I eyeball, have this deeper orange bulbs that my camera Absolutely loves. It's quite strange really, the old street lights with terrible reflectors which spread some orange mess all over the place didn't affect me that much and it was quite easy to process out. I guess I will have to whip out the LP filter again to see if it will help, but I'm guessing it's not gonna do much. Man, I knew I was gonna go for a mono cam and narrowband, haha.
  9. Ground loops shouldn't be any issues anymore, I don't run anything on switched powerboxes anymore just one big leisure battery. Yeah, I'm starting to think it's light pollution of some kind, I closely watched through all my subs and there is some brightness variation between them, maybe it's a stacking arifact? Gonna try some options here and see if I can improve things. I also have a couple of 2 mins subs from the same target, taken earlier on the same night as those 10 min subs. I cannot see any problems with the red channel except it's noisier but that's expected I suppose. Red channel
  10. Hello everyone! I had some wierd problems with my QHY8L, the problems isn't always there but sometimes. I don't use any filters, just a coma corrector. Anyway, on to the problem. I have some strange artifact on my red channel making processing a true nightmare. Look at this Leo triplet from a few nights ago, the blue and green looks ok'ish but the red is messed up really bad. 17 * 10 min subs. I havent tinkered anything with the images except for one big stretch. Red channel. Green channel. Blue channel. Now, what could cause these problem? I'm starting to get tired of this camera, processi
  11. Hehe, I always want more more stuff. But enough is enough, this is the second year with bad weather, no more spending. I'm gonna stick with what I got and try to squeeze every last pixel out of it before I go out any buy anything else, haha.
  12. Cost per hour used this is one expensive hobby, for me at least. Weather!!1!! But to be fair, my other hobbies is quite expensive aswell, especially model railroads...
  13. There could be moisture trapped somewhere and it could take a long time before it's evaporated. Bring the mount indoors and let it dry out for a week, or more.
  14. It's been a while since I did any imaging, think it was in september due to the aweful weather. Anyway, this image didn't turn out any good but there was a few first ones for me, like trying off axis guiding (in windy weather) and be amazed how the graph looked like, haha. Here is the result, had to resort to "some" noise reduction because of the bad seeing and probably poor tracking. I could have grabbed a few hours more subs but with the wind I figured it was no point... 15 * 600s
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