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  1. Thanks Grant. Sadley they're all booked If anyone that has booked a pod but has to back out, please let me know as I'd love to take the booking over. I've been for the last two years and absolutely loved it. This year though we have a baby so a tent won't really be an option. Dave.
  2. Hi Daz. We're trying to book one of the wooden pods as we have a baby. We tried booking through the campsite but they told us even the pods are booked through FLO. Are there any left? If so how can we book it? Thanks. Dave.
  3. Ok so we are on the ward waiting for our baby to be induced and blimey Charlie the windows are facing SW. Thats the right direction isn't it? What a night I'm in for!
  4. I'm hoping to watch this. I have 2 weeks off work so I won't have to get up on Monday. However the reason I am off work is because my partner is giving birth to my son She's due in Sunday to have the labour induced so there's a very real chance my son will be born during the eclipse. Do you know, I think I'll forgive him Good luck everyone and post lots of pictures in case I have to miss it!
  5. Amazing pics. The mountains look fluffy almost like they are covered in forests. I'm not suggesting they are of course but it really does look like something from a science fiction film.
  6. This guy on twitter seems to have gone suspiciously quiet lol! @solarview
  7. Here's an idea, I've never seen a noctilucent cloud. Now I know this forum is used by people all over the country so how about we use this thread to report a sighting. That way anyone who subscribes to this thread will be notified. Yes I know the sightings will be localised but hey why not give it a try. Come on, help me see my first one [emoji2]
  8. Actually, maybe I could book one of those wooden pods and bring the baby. Does anyone know if they are suitable? And are there any right by the event field?
  9. When will the booking start? I'll have a six month old son by next March but I'll try and get a pass to come
  10. But is it a translation? Or just something by Russell Brand?
  11. This is my very humble pic of the eclipse today. Not great but I haven't had a chance to clean it up yet.
  12. I've just been out to see how high the sun is at 8:30 and to me it looks high enough to be above the big hill by Lucksall. Can anyone on the site already confirm if it's visible yet?
  13. I'm pleased to report both my scopes have now been safely smuggled past Der Fuhrer and are now waiting to be packed for Thursday. I'm looking forward to it now [emoji2]
  14. I'm filling up[emoji23]
  15. It's for this reason I won't be buying any beer until the morning I'm leaving for Lucksall. Hopefully most of it should survive the journey [emoji56]
  16. I'll be bringing my PST and hopefully my 200P. I say hopefully because I'm sadly just going through a divorce and my wife has just found out why..... I have the PST safely in my car but the 200P is still in the garden shed. I don't mind her cutting up my clothes but if she finds the shed keys.... Oh the horror!
  17. Two weeks now we'll all be polar alligning and opening a tinny [emoji1]
  18. Two weeks today we'll all be packed up and ready to go [emoji2]
  19. Sorry if this has already been posted but I just saw this on twitter and thought I'd share it. Hope you like it. And in case like me your eyes don't work well with this, here's a flipped version to try. This one worked better for me.
  20. I'll be more than happy to take care of all the food and drink [emoji56]
  21. DaveGarland

    SGL 10 Dates

    I recognise that. Guenuinly the breakfasts at Lucksall are, as we say in Bristol, GERT LUSH!
  22. Typical Dave luck going on here. I agreed with my mate Jon to try and take a pic of this. I'm into astronomy, he's into photography. Between us surely we could nail this?! So the one night this week the weather is clear/not blowing a gale and my wife gets a baby sitting job! Anyway I'm stuck at home and I get a phone call from Jon. He's found somewhere dark and doesn't know what he's looking at so I go out in the garden in my dressing gown and try to explain to him what we're looking at. He feels uneasy and has a nervous stammer.... And to think some people think we're nerds! Anyhoo I got a nice look in my binos and it looks quite nice. No visible tail and not a naked eye object from Bristol but always nice to see a space snowball. I'll let you know how Jon got on.
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