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  1. I couldn't go this year. How did it compare with last year? I thought it seemed quite small last year so hope it was better.
  2. It's been a long time I've posted on here, but I saw this and thought I'd share it with you. https://ascienceenthusiast.com/this-german-professor-just-repainted-his-observatory-into-r2-d2/
  3. Oh boy I recognise myself in all that! I am so very similar. This thread caught me because I am due to be properly assessed next month for ASD at the age of 49! I've always suffered the same traits you have described there but I don't consider myself to have any handicap. I'm just different to most people that's all, but then I'm also very similar to people like you too. I guess I'm very lucky to have a girlfriend who sees past all my faults and see the nice guy underneath. That does make all the difference. I was married before to someone who really couldn't understand that I couldn't help the way I was and it was a hellish experience. But mostly I'm very happy being me. I'm only after a diagnosis so I can understand myself a little better. My girlfriend asked me recently if I'd take a cure if they found one. Why? In my mind I'm completely normal, it's everyone else that seems confusing. Let them take a pill ? Anyway my score was 39 so we'll see how that matches my true assessment.
  4. I've just got back. It did seem to me that it's getting a little smaller each year. Does anyone else feel that? I can't help feeling a little disappointed ? I did get a discount on a power pack though so hey ho.
  5. I see the guy who finished Runner Up on 'Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?' had a presenting slot (I missed his name). I liked him, it'd be nice if he was on there regularly.
  6. Ah thanks Dave, I'll go and look that up?
  7. Thanks rl. I must admit I'm starting to get a bit of an itchy 'add to cart button' finger at the mo but I'd love to hear from someone who actually owns a pair first.
  8. Hi all. Does anyone know how the Omegon 2.1x42 binoculars compare to the Vixen 2.1x42? They look incredibly similar in build but around £100 cheaper! I've wanted to get the Vixen ones for some time now but keep bawking at the price. I would happily part with £160 though. So what do you guys think? Do they compare well? Or is it really worth saving the extra money for the Vixens? Thanks for any advice. Dave.
  9. Ummm, shoot me if I'm being daft here. But Stargazing 'Live' from Australia? It'll be daylight won't it? Or do we have to watch it at breakfast time?
  10. Hi all. I've been using Sky Safari 4 Pro now for some time on my Samsung S5 and Samsung tablet with no problems at all. However, I've now upgraded to a Samsung S7 Edge. Now when I start it up it fails to find my position, so I try to open the settings and that's as far as I get. CRASH! Has anyone else found this? Is there a fix? Does upgrading to Ski Safari 5 work on an S7 Edge? I don't really want to upgrade if at all possible because I don't really want to spend £15 on something that really doesn't look much different. Thanks for any help. Dave.
  11. Thank you Rich ?Yes it really is. Not just to have a garden for my stargazing but also just to be able to have my boys staying over. I even managed to keep my cat
  12. It's been about a year and a half, I spent last year in a bedsit All set up in a new home now though So yeah I guess that makes sense about the pound. But wow I was surprised at the rise though. I went with £300 thinking that would be plenty, and came home with £300 and my tail between my legs.
  13. OK so I've been off the scene a little while due to family circumstances, but lately now that I'm all set up nicely in my new home I've been getting back into my stargazing. Anyway, I thought I'd mozey on down to the International Astronomy Show today and maybe pick up an 8mm Delos to keep my 10mm company. Now, I remember paying £265 but they seem to be around £330! What's bought about this hike? Is it just a Televue thing or are astro prices in general on the rise?
  14. But how will it slow down? I assume that it will just be a fly by as it would surely be going way too fast to enter an orbit. And will a signal from such a small probe be strong enough to be picked up from Earth? It's really cool that this is being seriously looked at and I'm sure Stephen Hawkings knows what he's talking about, but are we really capable of doing all this yet? God I hope so!
  15. Yeah I did that exact same thing when my eldest was a baby. I just kind of wrapped myself around him and took the fall until I reached the stair gate. I swear they should make those stair gates padded! Thankfully little un just smiled as though he enjoyed the ride.
  16. You sound just like my partner brantuk lol. Yes I guess that's sensible.
  17. So the other night I woke up hearing my baby son Ethan crying for his night feed and thought I'd get to him before my partner woke. Now as I always do in the middle of the night, I just went into his room and then downstairs with him to the kitchen in darkness. Then after walking into the living room and feeding him I walked back up into his room and tucked him back into bed again all in darkness. When I climbed back into bed though I found my partner was actually awake and asked me if I'd walked down and up the stairs with Ethan in the dark? "how could you see where you were going?" she asked. "I'm an astronomer babe" I replied thinking for the first time that I'd made an interest in astronomy sound cool. Now, actually I always have wandered around the house in darkness when I wake up and never really thought about it. But maybe people with an interest in astronomy are more used to moving around in darkness? It would make sense I guess. Do any of you do this? And do any of you have partners who think you're nuts for doing this? And have any of you scared the sweet bejesus out of your partners doing this?
  18. My wife used to say that kind of thing all the time. Fortunately my new partner likes astronomy
  19. Ah yes and there's some double transits coming up too isn't there. And Mercury crossing the sun soon too for me to dust off the old PST.
  20. Ha ha! Yes I totally accept the weather is my fault. I'm not sure if people will welcome me back or throw rotten tomatoes at me but I remember the forum being friendly so I'm crossing my fingers.
  21. Hi all! I can't believe I haven't looked through a scope since SGLX! Sadly my poor scope then had to go and live in storage while I went through a divorce and house move. It's been a very difficult year indeed living in a bedsit and I haven't even been on the forum much so I've probably been forgotten by most of you anyway But anyway I'm back! I'm now all moved into my new home and my scope is ready to go (we all know this means cloud). So I'm really looking forward to getting back into the hobby. So what's happening? Any good comets, novas or super novas kicking off? Extra good news for me is that my new partner is a little interested in the hobby too (triggered by accompanying me to SGLX!) so my nights outside will be a little less cold and lonely. Anyway here's to the future
  22. That's a real shame it won't be working with Tapatalk. The website is a lot slower on my phone than using Tapatalk. Also trying to quote someone just crashes Firefox on my phone. I can see this being a problem for me.
  23. I like it. But I used to like using Tapatalk to browse the forum. It doesn't seem to work with Tapatalk now. Will this be fixed?
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