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  1. WOW, id be amazed if i could anything close to that, if only the damn cllouds would stay away on my days off lol.
  2. Hello guys and girls, im hoping to get my first proper session of imaging tonight (wed 26th), and i thought id have a crack at m33, as this is conveniently placed in the sky, and my focal length plus the 2x barlow on my dslr just to acheive focus means andromida is too big for my sensor. The issue i have is i have no idea how many subs and for what length of time i should be aiming for, preferably id like to go for lots of short subs as im not 100% confidant with the capabilities of the mount yet, will 100 at 30 seconds be enough?? is their a rule of thumb when trying to figure these numbers out? Any help as always will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Thomas.
  3. that was a great video, id love to be able to see the milkyway like that.
  4. welcome to SGL, i feel your pain about theh weather :(, im hoping wedensday night will be clear here up north.
  5. Hi guys and girls, i ve just descovered Kstars and the Ekos Indi system of mount control, i must say im really enjoying it at the moment( albeit testing indoors due to weatehr) all running locally on my laptop and i really like the aspect of being ablle to connect remotely using a rasberry pi4 or some other device, i was just wondering if anyone here was currently using the same software, if they had any advice on using a rasberry pi for remote control ie which is best to get what other options are their, or even if theyve found a better solution alltogether for mount control and imageing in an all in one package? as it is with this hobby, im just waiting for a clear night so i can get out and use it Thaks in advance Thomas.
  6. new to me neq6 pro, now all i have to do is take a degree in astronomy software to figure out how to use it lol, looking forward to it
  7. thats the one exactly, thank you for easing my worry lol
  8. Hi guys , just aquired a used NEQ6 pro and im trying to trouble shoot a hum im unsure is normal or not, when the mount is powered on with no controller attatched it is silent, yet as soon as i start it up with the synscan controller attatched it is silent for around 5 seconds and then starts to hum, possible motor hum or electrical im not sure, im just wondering if this is normal?? i know the mount hums while slewing and tracking but im not sure about stationary? any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Thomas.
  9. Hi Guys and Girls, looking for advice on the best collimation methods, i recently bought a laser collimator than in itsself needs collimating, and i just cant seem to collimate the laser to perfection, is their a non laser method that works just as well? any idvice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Thomas.
  10. +1 for Astrobiscuit. great production value and very easy to watch.
  11. Thanks for the reply guys, I am hoping to hone my skills on the planets before I jump into dso’ so fingers crossed it will do for now as the jump to a “proper” tracking mount would cost more than my entire setup haha :). Let’s see how things go.
  12. Hi guys, recently bought a scope astromaster 130 EQ and it’s the Motor drive version, just wondering if this motor is a gimmick or if it’s really usable for long exposure tracking, what’s the best case I can realistically expect from it. Any tips and tricks from anyone that has used one of these motors? thanks in advance
  13. This is the first and last time i was able to use my new setup in the last two weeks due to work and weather, cant wait to set it up again now i have a new cam for it and some software for the macbook IMG_7470.HEIC
  14. hahaha no im from Hapton, and our local rivals are huncoat, but i did live in colne recently for a number of years when i met the wife, loved it and would defo move back one day, were both big blues festival fans.
  15. A Bahtinov mask thats too small because i baught one for the size of the mirror and not the size of the opening at the front......DOHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  16. i wouldnt know anything about that, but we do fight with our nearest village now and then over chickens and the local fresh water spring. lol
  17. Hi guys from cloudy Burnley, recently purchased my second ever telescope after a many many many year break ( astromaster 130eq-md ), had it about a fortnight and only managed one night out with it so far thanks to work and weather, sods law lol. looking forward to one of my favorite times of year tho soon, nice clear autumn nights. hope to ask many annoying questions soon and maybe share some really bad pics lol Thomas.
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