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  1. Thank you All! Pixinsight I have found is a tough road, but I think I am starting to get to grips with it now. Keep at it!
  2. This was imaged in December, and I managed to get about 8 hours of data in total for this image. My first process of this using pixinsight was not great because I lost control of the stars due a bad star mask, but I think this is now a better image in that respect.
  3. My altair 115 reduced to 636mm with QSI683 Wsg8 hanging off the back:p
  4. I have recently taken the plunge with the 8300 chip, second hand, in the qsi 683wsg. It is awesome. Cooling is incredible, easily 40c below ambient, and I am really enjoying the FOV. I upgraded from an Atik 314L, and the great thing is, even though the qsi is more expensive than the 383, it is designed to use 1.25" filters, not the prohibitively expensive 2"! As a guide, here is a rough and ready M51 15mins RGB each channel and 30min Lum taken at 636mm. Lovely widefield!
  5. My efforts from a star party last weekend with lots of high cloud running through constantly. Taken using an Altair 115 at 636mm and qsi 683wsg and off axis guider using a lodestar X2. I just got the kit running, and have processed the result. 30 min each of RGB, and 50 min Luminance. My first ever COMPLETE process using PI, resisting the urge to import into photoshop. My workflow is constantly changing during processing, but I think I am finally getting there. This data is stretched to within an inch of its life!
  6. Image with annotated labels using pixinsight.
  7. Here is my first image using the Altair Astro 70ED at 336mm F4.8 with QSI683. Approximately 3 by 2.3 degree's FOV. It is of a portion of Markarian's Chain. It is 14x5min (1hr 10min)Ha subs, due to the moon hanging about, but it was really just a test for star shapes with this new widefield setup. Guiding at this focal length was a breeze, with a flat line graph on both axis. I learnt lots more about Pixinsight whilst processing this image, especially Cosmetic Correction, which is awesome! What are peoples thoughts on ANY aspect of this image. Specifically, start shapes. I am using the dedi
  8. It looks Iike a lovely product, and I myself am very new to the QSIscene with a 583wsg 8. All I did was focus the main chip, then use long leads to rough focus the x2, then tighten everything up, and done. In my way of thinking, the x2 would never need to be focused again, but this gizmo makes the act of focusing much easier. Lovely product.
  9. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but what are the power connections for the mhp? Is it a case of removing all of the cigarette lighter sockets from our existing cables, and connecting a 2.1mm dc plug on it? How is the attached device protected? Does the end user also have to fit an inline fuse to each cable too? I tried searching for the answers, but there are no high res pictures I can find, or specific information. Thanks
  10. Thanks very much. I agree, the contrast in the Ha image is lovely, that can be lost in the colour version.
  11. I know what you are saying. Mono images can look better definitely!
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