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  1. For me the selling point of the AZ EQ6 is the encoders and what makes it worth it is, can do alighment when done can manually move mount to any object, faster and more natural than having to wait for the mount to slew, so better and faster that alone is the selling point for me
  2. Anyone ditched the SE or Evolution mount for the Skywatchet AZ EQ6? in alt alz mode this is how celestron should have designed their mount. Out to the side means no hitting mount as some like to do EAA with camera stick out the back. The issue with the se and evo series is that camea limits the usefulness if the mount and camera hits the mount unless using a diagonal. The Skywatcher does not have this issue. Also great duel purpose mount, either EQ for imaging or alt alz mount for visual, so like doing both ideal. Also as it has higher quality motors and better tracking system should track better
  3. Sound like you got a dud to me. Telrad are just to big for an SCT, apart from the bigger scopes frankly look so stupid on an 8" sct or even a 9.25. The foot print is miles to big, ugly and stupid when a red dot finder basically does the same job. Using the standard red dot finder with my 9.25, compliments my 9×50 right angle celestron finder. The red dot finder not fansy works well. Its only for basic star alighment and gets the job done. Don't need much to just get a star aligh so why a stupid looking overkill monster? It does not really need to be that large? Why it is beats me. The battery compartment is very poor, 2 bits of foam rubber is very poor. Have heard of issues with Telrad also broken battery wires, glass falling out, switch breaking. In every brand its a gamble if you get a good one or bad one. Which is why you have a warranty
  4. There are good and bad in everything. Have heard lots of issues with talked also. Just because a few get a bad experience does not mean rubbish. You can buy something with a good reputation and get a bad one. I hate telrad, to big, bulky and look homemade. Poor battery compartment is very amature like, not professional at all. I like the starpointer pro and a good in-between telrad which is high and rigel one. I perfer the much smaller footprint of starlointer pro. These days people buying a product, have an issue and claim rubbish. I have a Lunt 70mm ED refractor, f6. Known to be great quailty and highly praised. Had lots of issues, screws missing, not dont up tight, objective lens miles out of collimation, sent Lunt back the objective to get it recollected, all fixed and now a great scope. One bad egg does not mean all bad
  5. I would not want or recommend dew shields on 15x100 binoculars, they are allteady top heavy and adding weight makes matters worse. Better off using dew straps which I am getting for my 25x100 binoculars as this minimizes weight.
  6. Getting a binocular 25x100 bundle from Astronz in New Zealand and get them made to their specs as it's a shop run by astronomers and sell quailty gear with great customer service. Everything I have read anything smaller your not getting the wow factor and 100mm are miles better than 80mm from what I have read. So want the wow factor and if you can afford 100mm is the ones to go for.
  7. I have a revolution and works great. This was taken by my phone off the 7" monitor that comes with it. No experience with deepsky photography and first night with it through my 10" goto Dob.
  8. I have the 10" model and cannot get it to focus using the focal reducer. I see no marking on my struts for binoviewer use? Even when putting the video cam inside the 2" eyepiece adapter still could not come to a focus? Works fine without the focal reducer though?
  9. I prefer not to use a pc, but use an Orion Starshoot DVR as it gives me the option of just seeing image onscreen or capturing it and the inside process on registax. As many times I just like viewing onscreen, but if something takes your interest than can record it to sd card for later use. It's a more compact system than using a tablet, computer or laptop. The Orion StarShoot LCD is a 2" screen with a dvr inbuilt. I find it easier than lugging out pc gear.
  10. The above is m4. Below just the Centre of the milky way and was my first ever.
  11. Untrue. Got a Revolution imager and got these. They were taken from. The 7" monitor screen. You will need a goto dob, but deep sky photos are possible with a goto dob. But limited exposure due to field rotation. Some have taken deepsky stuff with tracking dobs as the revolution imager is a great setup to get going. These 2 are from my goto dob and first attempts
  12. There is a new group formed on FB for all those who have the Revolution imager. Please feel to have a look and join up so we can all support each other. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1727992054124194/
  13. It is actually easier on the goto Dob. I have the 10" Skywatcher Tracking/goto Dob, when I got mine I bought the AZ goto also, so turned it into a goto dob. Far easier then any EQ5, and the beauty is I can manually move it without losing to goto, no so with the EQ5. My Skywatcher tracks beautifully and take photos of the moon with no problems.
  14. Got an Orion Starshoot, solar system IV, here is my first photo with it. Taken through my Skywatcher 10" Goto Dob, but did not have it set up for decent tracking, was a quick go to get used to the camera, so was not aligned. I used a 2X barlow to obtain the image.
  15. Why do you want to upgrade the firmware? There is no main advantage to it unless their are serious bugs, normally there is no need to update firmware, and often further down the road can cause problems, as an example, if you use the latest firmware, did not Skywatcher put an update in the firmware to stop 3rd party GPS units from working? I have the AZ version, firmware 3, think the latest, or near enough. I have the StarGPS module working, and not risking further updates, encase down the future they inculde a code to stop 3rd party GPS modules working on the AZ version of the Synscan handcontroller. So think before you update, it could down the track come back to bit you.
  16. Love my Skywatcher 10" goto. I always collaspse my tube as I move it, as the tube is pretty long, and you run the risk of banging it, so is much easier to handle it.
  17. Nice App, but wished, like the outside views, the cockpit had better graphics, it really shows, seems the cockpit is low res inside, high res outside and is very noticeable on the ipad 2
  18. Was reading on here about how to adjust the clutch on the Skywatcher Goto, mine was lose, and tightened it up, so past the 0 degree mark did not fall forward. Thanks for the advice. I also suppose how tight you do the clutch is personal preference. I did not tighten it enough to hold the weight of a 2" eyepiece, just the heaviest 1.25" eyepiece. I assume you only need it tight enough to stop it dropping on it's own. Now mine does not drop now. Also someone said his it the tracking version. All you need to do is buy the Synscan Az handcontrol and you got a goto Dob. Over here in New Zealand we can get the tracking Dob on it's own, or pay the extra and get the tracking and goto hand controllers, so I have both. Had my 10" Skywatcher Goto Dob outside last night for the first time, and WOW, the view of Saturn was the sharpest I have even seen it, and conditions where not even the best. The rings were very sharply detailed. Mine was quite a bit out of Collimation when I got it, so had to collimate Primary and secondary mirrors.
  19. That adapter you can reverse polarity depends on how you plug in the pins.
  20. You need something like this: DSE DC Adaptor 1.5-12VDC 1.5A | M9889 Then no need to make an adapter, does the lot and for any pin plug to, so no need to know what size to use. I got one and works well. You may find the same thing where you live.
  21. StarGPS produces on for the Skywatcher also, much cheaper. I am getting one fropm StarGPS for my Skywatcher goto Dob. I am to lazy to input the info each time, and it's as pain to always have to, so feel it's better to use the GPS to input the data, and much improved data.
  22. I am getting a Skywatcher 10" goto, tracking Dob. The power it uses is D cell batteries, but got a 17ah Jump Starter. I want to know how you mount it, beside your Skywatcher, on let it ride on the inside of the mount. I read in the manual as a tip put the battery pack, or powertank on the round base, inside the front forks, so it rides around in RA with the telescope. My concern is power tanks, and Jump Starters are much heaver then the battery pack, or how does the Skywatcher goto Dob cope with the weight of a power tank, or Jump Starter?
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