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The Dolphin Head Nebula, Sh2-308 (RCW11 & LBN1052), is a bubble of gas expelled from the star EZ Canis Majoris in the constellation "Canis Major".

This image was exposed in HAlpha, OIII and HBeta narrowband color. This photo consists of 12x600s Hα, OIII:12x900s OIII and 11x1200s Hβ at High Control Gain of 62 and an offset of 25.

Taken from a semi rural (Bortle 4-5) sky through a 80mm Refractor @ f6.25, on a hypertuned CGEM mount with QHY268M camera for a total exposure time of 8 hours and 40 minutes.

Object name: Dolphin/Gourd Nebula
Object ID: Sh2-308 (RCW11 & LBN1052)
Constellation: Canis Major
Coordinates: RA: 06h54m15.88s, DEC: -23°48’44.70” (star Central: EZ CMa/WR 6 & Orange: O1CMa)
Distance: 4530 LY
Magnitude: 7.0
Exposure Date: 09 - 13 March 2022


© Mariusz Goralski
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