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new scope arrived today!! see pics!

mr saddo



Got the new scope today, ordered Friday, got this am via fed x , good service fro FLO thanks martin. Now hope for some clear sky's, had a play at some chimney pots to align star finder scope, optics are very crisp and clear!! I don think the wife was impressed with the size!! with a comment "where you gona put that!!" tutting and shaking her head, "it was either this or a 10 inch dob!! i said" mind you the mount and head weighs a ton!! i already have a bad back!! just started with. I call the sky watcher OTA THE BAZOOKA. i have made a viewing platform which a cemented on Sunday hence the bad back, just needs base to harden off now.

blogentry-9328-0-26161300-1343739874_thu blogentry-9328-0-09189000-1343740428_thu

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I've just reported you to the security services as I think that's a surface to air missile in disguise....

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nice scope, im curious how big did you make your platform ? it the pic it doesnt look like it the tripod will fit

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very nice,sending clear nights to you!!!

thanks, not used it yet, every time i get up early its cloudy or raining.

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i have decided to build a pier for the lump!! so watch this space!! a brick job might be the thing.

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