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  1. Hi Ben There are some really large 'fields' (part of the Ashridge estate grounds) next to the B4506 that I usually wonder about as I drive past on the way to the car park but I'm not sure of the 'security situation' at night as they are open to the road. They do go far enough back to get you out of sight of casual motorists but you'd have to leave the car by the road. carl
  2. Sorry to butt in - I very much doubt the University would be willing to let a group use Bayfordbury - some of the local clubs organise evenings to look at the observatories but I don't think they use it as an observing site. Hertford Astro seem to go along on open evenings as public relations (look what you can do with a small scope). At the least they'd want security to be present but there would be lots of other institutional barriers (like health and safety).
  3. "The Moonshane 10” f/5 has cognitive meaning. It says something but somethiing which cannot be expressed entirely in words. It is not just a pattern of wood or of metal and mirrors, just as music is not just a pattern of sounds, or literature of pattern of words. It concentrates on subtler moments, communicates forces that we understand but cannot quite formulate in linguistic utterances." As always you have an exquisite way with words. (I was going to add this to the previous post but I'd logged out and I couldn't come back and edit).
  4. Whoah! I can't wait for the sketches from the 'dob sessions'!
  5. You're inspiring me as always. I like the open clusters - often under-rated but great to look at (especially with a frac)!
  6. I love seeing the moon in the daytime - more than any night time observation it makes me think "There's something beyond the Earth" - I don't know why that should be (too many sci-fi novel front covers or sci-fi films - such as the double sun in Star Wars)? The other thing I always seem to note more is the curvature of the terminator showing the fact the moon is a sphere. I know this is very basic stuff but I don't get these feelings when I look at the moon at night.
  7. I can take no credit for this but I remember a T shirt based on the Carlsberg ads: "Heisenberg Probably the best uncertainty principle in the world." (Heisenberg was written so it looked the Carlsberg logo).
  8. I really like that first photo - I think you can just see a 'bump' on Mizar A (at 10 o'clock) which I presume to be Mizar B? If that's the case why is B at 4 o'clock on the second photo? I must be misinterpreting the photos but how?
  9. It may be my monitor calibration (or my eyes) but I see the A component as more yellow through my Tal - however according to my wife (an artist) I'm not colour blind just colour stupid. In your picture the B component looks blue edging towards violet to me.
  10. BargeGazer Keep going back and practising - reducing the magnification as slowly as your EPs will allow and spend time with each magnification - you'll find that you can split at lower and lower magnifications as your eye gets practice. However don't forget some nights the seeing will not be as good as others and that will afffect your ability to split as well.
  11. Oh absolutely John. I have only ever managed to split the double double at 125x once and have not repeated that (with the same scope) since. Practice does help as well (not that I'm getting much of that).
  12. There's no import tax on something that cheap (postage is another issue though). With regards to the Sky Crane - what's to go wrong - there's only umpteen stages to the whole deployment (methinks someone didn't have enough toys as a child and is living out their space fantasies). ETA: Judging by the camera 'pod' on top I bet they saw Wall-E too.
  13. Ah! That would help - quality of glass is very important in splitting doubles.
  14. Melsmore That's great - I downloaded LADIC but haven't got it to work yet. http://www.carbonar.es/s33/Fuzzy-splitting/fuzzy-splitting.html Though the information on the Spirit of 33 lists can be quite useful as there are magnification and scope parameters given. http://www.carbonar.es/s33/33.html
  15. Wow - mine were only pens but they did take a long time - and it wasn't the sender.
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