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Equinox 120ed and Canon 1000d Focusing Problems

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Hi all

Well, I've finally got a clear night down here in Kent so excitedly I have gone out this evening to try out my new Equinox 120ed and all the various bits and pieces that I have bought with it.

It is my aim to try and take some tentative steps into astrophotography with both my Equinox 120ed and Skywatcher 200p and I thought I had bought most of what I need however I seem to have come across a little problem...........

I just cannot get my Canon 1000d into focus with the:

Equinox 120ed combined with

Skywatcher 2" diagonal,

the Skywatcher Focal Reducer and FLO adapter

If I use the 1.5" adapter in the diagonal, combined with a barlow and my 1.5" adapter on the camera I can THEN get the camera to focus but obviously then I am NOT using the focal reducer et al.

I just cant get it to work and I'm now tired and fed up.

Do I need some kind of extender in order to make 2" diagoanl work with the focal reducer etc.

I am just so stuck and now pretty tired.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.


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Hi Steve,

Most people tend not to use the diagonal when doing prime focus AP. Most likely because it is more mirrors etc to reduce the light quility.

The more preffered method is to put the camera straight into the focusing tube.

Some scope/camera configurations need the addition of an extension tube if there is not enough backword focus available.

My main tip is to try and focus on the most distant object you can see during the day. Try a few configurations etc. But defently try not to use barlows or the diagonal as I said this will reduce quility.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for your help guys. Being so new to refractors, and only have a little experience of playing with an ST80 (which I could only get to focus with it's diagonal), I presumed the Equinox 120 would be the same.

When I get an opportunity in the next few days I'll try attaching my DSLR, focal reducer, etc directly to the scope without the diagonal.

Is this how other Equinox owners attach their DSLRs? I'd be really interested to know how others have theirs setup.

Thanks again,


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I see you use a Canon and have the 80ed......do you have to use any extensions in order to get your Canon to focus?

Thanks for the advice re: barlows etc. I suppose (as you say) I just need to experiment with different configurations of equipment....hey ho......I'll keep trying.


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No I don't need an extension for mine.

Honestly, the best tip I got when starting this malark was to find your focus during the day on somthing far away. Once you have this, you are pritty darn close to perfect focus on the stars.

Infact I marked with permenant marker where it is after focusing during the day because it is so close (most times bang on for me!).



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Thanks Michael - that really does help a lot. I'm feeling a little worse for wear this morning after such a late night but once I've mustered some energy, I'll set it all up again and have another go.

Thanks again.


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