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  1. That's a very impressive little collection you have there Olly. Surely you could fit another on there somewhere though eh? Many thanks for your telescope thoughts - really appreciated. I'm off for a little look.
  2. Now that the Mesu has given me the confidence to look at longer focal length scopes etc,. I'd welcome any recommendations. I'm a DSO imager and would really love a scope that can really capture that extra detail in galaxies. Budget £3500-£5000? Any ideas/thoughts?
  3. Nice one Olly - very amusing. With regard to voices I'm just having to mute the laptop for now as everytime PHD makes an adjustment the Sitech II 'voice' keeps telling me so. The only real problem I have now with the Mesu is that I now want to spend more money as this the 'Mesu beast' is demanding a larger scope. I currently use an 8" GSO RC and a Baby Q but the Mesu wants something bigger, better and heavier. Damn I love this mount and I want to seriously test it!
  4. Hi all Well, first proper night out with the Mesu and Sitech II early in the week and I have to say so far I am very impressed. Having spent a couple of hours drift aligning i noticed that when the scope/mount is getting close to the Meridian the 'lovely female voice' initially warns you of this but for some reason the mount will then stop tracking. I have attempted to hunt through the settings but dont seem to be able to pinpoint how to ensure the mount continues to track through the Meridian??? Any ideas anyone? Also, how can I, when guiding, stop the voice from saying slew etc everytime PHD makes a correction? Really quite annoying? Yes I can mute the laptop but there must a way of turning her off in the software? Thanks in advance Steve
  5. Anybody use the Spyder devices for calibration of monitors/screen etc??
  6. Thanks for the link Kev, really useful and really appreciated!! It looks like it might have some answers.
  7. I see what you mean ooldpink and that makes sense. However, the differences between the two devices is quite marked. Really not sure how to progress forward.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Having done some quick googling I'm wondering if the Spyder device might help? Anybody else use one of these? Many thanks, Steve
  9. Hi all I'm hopng somone can point me in the direction with regard to this display problem..... Images that I have uploaded onto Flickr (and put together on my Win 7 Laptop) look very different (and a lot darker) when I view them on my Apple Mac Pro. I have adjusted the Mac display settings to those recommended to match Windows but they still seem very dark. Anybody else come across this problem? How do I know which device is showing the true brightness of the image? Any help or thoughts would be really appreciated.
  10. Well done to Thanet Astronomy Group for taking the initiative and supporting people who would like to know more about the wonder of the night sky. I'm a keen Thanet astrophotographer - I must try and come down to say hi. Well done TAG.
  11. Helen, I shall look forward to your posts as and when your Mesu is setup and ready for action. **UPDATE ON MOUNT DECISION** I am currently in talks with Bern at MA re: MESU 200. :-)
  12. Oh sorry - Astronomy Shed (my mistake). I have looked at so many forums my head is spinning.
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