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Can anyone provide links to a list of easy targets that i could be looking for this evening. Because i am stuck in my small garden, my view would be from the constellation of Leo and westwards, with the lowest point of probaly Procoyn. I am looking at Stellarium and there are a number of DSO, but what is easy to find? should add that i am in North London so the LP is not great. At least i have no street lights to bother me.

Thanks for any pointers

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In leo try M65 and 66. They are part of leo's tripple (of galaxies) along with NGC 3628 (hard to see with LP).

I'm not sure you'll be able to find them with LP but I would give them a go. They are 2 of the brightest galaxies and somewhat easy to locate.

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I started off looking at the double clusters NGC 884 and 869 first over near Cassiopeia. Took me a while to find them, but eventually i did. I used the Hyperion for the first time and can not start to describe the difference in quality from the standard EP's. The FOV was amazing. I do not know how i am going to be able to afford the whole set. I did a few sketches and then decided to move on. I was then trying to find M35 in Gemini, i spent quite a bit of time searching but i was not able to find what i was expecting. I then moved on to Praesepe in Cancer and found that very quickly. I then brought the laptop out and was trying to work out if i could see where Saturn was. After spending ages looking around what i thought was Spica, i realised that i was in-fact looking around Arcturus! I eventually found what i thought was Spica, just creeping above the top of my house. I squeezed the scope right up against the back fence and decided to focus on it to begin looking. I looked through the Hyperion and BANG! Saturn was there in the EP. Wow, what a moment.

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I looked through the Hyperion and BANG! Saturn was there in the EP. Wow, what a moment.

One for the memory bank :D

Glad your pleased with the Hyperion I have thought of giving them a try but not sure I have enough pennies yet :p

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