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Help Choosing a New Setup Please

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Well I've finally bit the bullet and decided to jump in with both feet.

For the past year I've been using a Nexstar 4 and had some great fun but struggled to get a decent picture even using the wedge and knew that this day had to come.

I've gone out and purchased a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro (Well my lovely wife has! :D) but now I'm in a quandry as to which set up to go for for DSO photography and seeing if possible. :(

So many toys so little money :)

So he's my list of possibles


1. Sky Watcher EQUINOX - 80 Pro OTA f6.25

The above scope comes with nothing, not even a diagonal or mount

2. Sky Watcher EVOSTAR 80ED DS PRO f7.5

3. Sky Watcher EVOSTAR 120ED DS PRO f7.5

0.85 focal reducer/corrector takes these down to f6.37

The above scopes can be ordered as stand alones or kits that represent good value for money. They include an aluminium storage case, Di-Electric Star Diagonal, EP, 28mm LET, 9x50 finder, 2" Crayford, Rings and dovetail.

4. Sky Watcher MAK/NEWT 190MN

I already have Various EP's, QH5Yt Guide camera, a Canon EOS 1000D and a new Laptop dedicated to astro use. But will also need the following:

1. Star travel 80 to use as a guide scope

2. Hitrec ASTRO EQDIR Controller

3. Sky Watcher 21cm Dovetails

4. Dual Channel Dew Controller & 4" tapes

5. Some sort of power for this lot.

This lot will eventually form part of a permanent setup in an obsy so trying not to make to many spending errors.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers :)


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Ive just bought the Sky Watcher EVOSTAR 80ED DS PRO f7.5 and its a good buy considering you get extras and a case, Used it the other night and was very impressed with the sharpness for the price. At the end of the day its all down to how much you want to pay. The set up I have just bought together with an EQ3-2 mount cost £600

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The Equinox is a better scope but that costs money. With the reducers these can be fast and flat which is good for AP.

The MN190 is a great scope but I fear it will prove too much for an HEQ5 and really needs at least an EQ6.

Small, light, FAST, Refractors are probably ideal for the mount you already have. The ST80 as a guidescope is a good choice. Have you considered whether mounting will be side by side or piggyback?

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Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

I was considering mounting piggy back Rossco72, I'm surprised about the 190MN not being suitable for the HEQ5 though. They show it mounted on the HEQ5 in the Optical Vision new catalogue :(



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It's a quality scope but long and quite heavy. In an obsy on a pier you might get away with it but if you are exposed at all to the elements then others have reported even breezes as causing vibrations because it seems to catch the wind.

There are quite a few owners on here, you could contact a few of them. On the right mount and in the right conditions though it is a great scope.

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