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    Aurora Images

    A sequence of images shot with my Canon EOS 1000D fitted with a EFS 18-55mm lens. Manual focus, remote shutter release but not tripod! (I forgot to bring it!) Stunning Aurora over Orkney between 9pm and 1am 11-12th March 2011
  3. Taken 27/01/2012 12 images stacked, 30 sec exposure. ISO800, Canon EF 24mm lens. This is my first widefield shot using my Astrotrac.
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  5. Specman


    4/5/2011 Great Hercules Cluster ~ M13 This is only around 4-5 minutes of data so hope to revisit this one again soon. Canon EOS 1000D @ 800ISO A blazing ball of tiny suns.
  6. Specman


    From the album: DSO's

  7. Specman

    M57 Ring Nebula

    My first DSO attempt: 12x 1 minute images, un-modded Canon EOS 1000D @ 800 ISO staked in DSS
  8. 09:22 04/01/2011 Just grabbed a last minute shot between the clouds. Baader Solar Film Canon EOS 1000D
  9. Specman

    Solar Images

  10. Specman

    sun2010 8 26 1730

    With poor viewing lately I'm tempted to take Solar viewing more seriously. Hydrogen Alpha and Calcium K are a tempting prospect!
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