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Strange bright object in sky ;-)

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Finally got some good sightings of sunspots today, first simply with some eclipse glasses (just one spot near the upper right-hand limb), and then with my C8 with solar filter. Some really impressive sunspot groups were visible. I had some friends over who also appreciated the sight. It's been a long time ago that I saw this kind of activity (last time the same friends were over the sun was completely devoid of any spots).

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You can actually see sunspots simply by wearing eclipse glasses?

I must try that.

Is it safe to observe a full disc sun with these?.

I mean they are designed for observing the sun during partial or full solar eclipse when the light and heat from the Sun is less then normal.

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Projecting through binos is a bit tricky, as the objectives are usually fast (F/4 to F/6 typically). This means that there is a lot of heat build-up at the EP, and lenses can shatter or plastic components can melt or at least deform. This is why you should NEVER use eyepiece projection with a Cassegrain design, because the fast primary (F/3) causes such a concentration of light on the secondary that the latter may shatter, or the plastic of the housing may melt.

The spot I saw was actually resolved into a large group in the C8. I have also frequently seen sunspots with the naked eye at sunrise or sunset, when the sun was shining through a sufficiently thick haze to attenuate the light enough.

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