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Registax funny

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I finally managed to get out last night, first time since christmas! Anyways I took about 1000 frames of Saturn with my ToUCam for stacking in Registax. All appeared to go OK and when it came to the final editing I thought I would play about with the brightness and contrast. It was then that I noticed when moving the brightness control to nearly full a second image of Saturn appeared above the one that was there before! Both images are totally distorted in colour due to the brightness being full but it is there all the same, how? where did it come from? When stacking I got no errors about not being alinged, last night was very still and my tracking was good so the image was not jumping around.

Any ideas? I am at work at the moment but will post a picture of it later when I get home.

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I sometimes get this blinky.

I put it down to Registax being quirky!! I think its one frame that has aligned badly, but because of the averaging algorithms, you just don't see it unless you whack up the contrast.

Try running the AVI through Virtual Dub. With 1000 frames to play with, you can pull out just the best frames.

Time consuming, but worth it!

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