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How to attach an Atik CCD to a SW coma corrector

Black Knight

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I have just acquired an Atik 16iC CCD (thanks PsychoBabbler :) ), and would like to be able to attach it to my Skywatcher Coma Corrector for my newt, and to my SW Focal Reducer for my SW ED80.

Does anyone know if a suitable adapter exists? I've had a scout around and I can't seem to find what I would need, although I may have missed it, or gone simply blind or stoopid, or both :o.

What do other people use?


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Baader have a # 2458110 - M48 to T thread....then some spacers?

Telescope-Service: Baader Adaptors

Thanks for that Merlin66, I'll have a gander. I think Deneb may have a point though, that this may be something I don;t really need to be too concerned about. Well, until I can afford a large format CCD anyway ... which will be never :)

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