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first NGC 2024 and.....!


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Tonight was beautiful (and cold) I started my night trying to capture ISS as it made it's transit over North America. That a picture for a different post (and category).

I have captured my most prized image so far in my short foray into astrophotography. I shot Orions belt in hopes of seeing if I could get NGC 2024. I did, and upon playing with the histogram and stretching the snot out of it I have discovered that I captured the faintest image of the horsehead nebula ( a little PS manipulation to get it to stand out more doesn't hurt!).

The quality of the image is poor because I had to pull the information out, but I really don't care. I feel quite accomplished!

data is as follows.

Canon 30D w 70-200mm IS canon lens.

2sec @ f2.8

No tracking

87 images w/ 20 darks


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Wow, that's great... Never thought you could get the horsehead with an untracked camera. Guess the f/2.8 really helped.

i was quite surprised myself. :) the information was buried in there deep. i stretched the histogram until it was nearly an all red image and had to go into cs3 and mask off horsehead then manually rebalance my rgb. if i didnt mask it off it disappeared entirely.

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Well done mate! It's great when you get the unexpected. Well done :o

Onwards and upwards as they say :(


thanks:D i got overwhelmingly excited luckily my wife is very supportive of this! The horsehead has been an icon to me since i was a child so this really has impacted me:hello2::):hello2:

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