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  1. Sorry I took forever to see these comments! Thanks gang! I use a canon 20d with a 70-200mm IS L lens. And I believe that is the rossette that popped up.
  2. i looked around the website a little after posting this and it's a great bit of information. I'll have to get out on a clear night (high hopes!) and see how close to my skies it is.
  3. A couple nights ago when there was a break in the northwest rain blanket I ran out with my 15x70s and took a look at Jupiter, m42, around auriga, and then went to locate where andromeda was and realized that I could easily pick it out with only my eyes. Pointed the binos at it and sure enough there it was. So now I want to ask, does anyone have some a good list of targets to aim for? I only have my 15x70s so it's a bit harder to scan the sky. I need to get a pair of lower mag ones soon.
  4. too bad we are opposite sides of the pond. I'm the office manager at a machine shop so I made my own L bracket with a 3/4" thick piece of aluminum. talk about sturdy
  5. My inlaws brought back some Jaffa cakes when they came back from Ireland to be at their Irish friends wedding. Then my wife and I found them once at a Super Target grocer aisle.
  6. I've seen a raspberry Jaffa cake over here in the states. Anyways that is a beautiful shot, I was proud when I was able define the horse head with only a DSLR and telephoto lens.
  7. well i used to live in Vermont and up in the hills. the closest "big" city was 30 odd miles away. Now I'm in Oregon in the heart of the willamette valley so there's a bit more pollution but still good viewing.....except for the whole pacific northwest thing where it's cloudy from now till july and rainy....I'm hoping I'll get a break soon to get the the 15x70 binos out and do some viewing.
  8. the pleiades has always been the one cluster that has always been an easily found and one of my favorites. Before i even got into imaging and viewing It was something I could always find.
  9. I have and you can see my other threads where I've photographed the whirlpool, Bodes, horse head nebula, and some others. I have a 70-200mm f2 canon IS-L which I've done my DSOs. But I have to say I was always more impressed with the views that my 18mm-50mm produced.
  10. .22 rifle oughta help teach that pesky light i would think what your doing may be the only solution.
  11. I was going to suggest going into stellarium and putting in the time you saw it and then turn on satellite orbits. Thats how I identified any satellites that crossed my images.
  12. here it is. it still needs some refining. .....annnnnd the pictures sideways .......but you can see it
  13. thanks guys, it dawned on me the day after I posted this that I'm the office manager of a small CNC shop now. I found scrap 6061-t6 aluminum in a bin and had one of the guys that works with me weld together two 1/4" flat bars and a triangular scrap piece. and I drilled and tapped them 1/4"-20. I'll get a picture posted. Tomorrow I'm going to take the mount and round it out alittle on the mill. I hooked up the binos with it tonight and its sturdy as a brick.
  14. I think I could do about 10minutes at most before it would start to error to out. But I can't remember. it may be 15minutes. The streak on the bottom was definitely a plane as there was a airport to the west from where we lived at the time. The two streaks heading down into the bulge must've been satellites but two streaks moving horizontal had to be planes.
  15. anyone recommend a stable tripod mount adapter for the binos? I have a 15x70 skymaster bins and the plastic L-bracket wobbles for minutes on end if i breath on it.
  16. Since someone has resurrected my barn door shots I guess I should post up the pictures i forgot to post over the summer months. I didnt post them before because I short on time and wasn't partiularly thrilled with the outcome. I know I could've done better but it got dark so late Both of these were shot using my barn door tracker. I can't remember the exposures, there werent many subs and the exposures may of been 120 seconds each. They were also shot with my Canon 30D unmodified and a 20mm lens. anywayss here they are cygnus and the center of our home.
  17. thats 120 seconds each exposure so a total of 840 seconds when stacked. here's two more pictures I never posted because i didn't get what i really wanted. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/163673-forgot-post-these.html#post2027105 here's some links to other stuff i shot with the barn door tracker if you haven't seen it. Forgive me boosting my threads, I just want others to take a go at the barn door mounts. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/139695-clear-skies-first-m51.html http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/137109-widefieldish-m81-group.html http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-widefield-special-events-comets/137516-tonights-shots.html
  18. very, I recently moved from Vermont to Oregon. theres a bit more light pollution here but I'm thinking I'll have to break the set up out again for some winter showings.
  19. hahah father time typically laughs at our plans According to flickr.com's astrometry I also captured the edge one spiral galaxy NGC 5229
  20. yeah i cant wait to do a widefield of the rift badly and take a shot at all the other stuff. but i cant pull an all nighter nowadays lol.
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