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revelation dual speed crayford

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I bought one of these a couple of months back, after finally tracking down a baseplate for it i got it on the skywatcher 250.

the focusing is very smooth and accurate which is great but after plating around with it a couple of times i have come to realise that i cant get focus with my dslr attatched, the only way to get focus is take the t2 mount off an hold the camera to the focuser where is is just right. only problem there is you cant do any long exposure shots....

I have ended up putting the r+p focuser back on and slightly loosened the mechanism for a little smoother focusing which works.

After all the exitement and the money i spent on the revelation im now wondering whether to put it back on or just sell it and get a motorised focusing thing instead.

Anyone else had a similar experience??

PS In no way am i putting the revelation down and saying its rubbish, its just not suitable for my needs, if it was the same size/spec as the r+p and gave me the exact same focusing without extention tubes etc there is no way i would take it off, maybe i need a low profile one?

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