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NexStar 114 SLT

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Cheers for the input so far. Been meaning to buy a good scope for a while (about 4 years) since I got rid of my old refract. but never had the time or budget until now! I live in a rural area that, although 2 miles from Christchurch in Dorset has for neighbours an empty field, no lights (except one outside that isn't exactly bright) and a car park with superb and clear views of most things including planets, stars, airplanes, ufo's and ghosts (live behind a churchyard). Anyone local wants to try it out drop me a PM to have an evening watching feel free. Good parking, no problems and I make a good cup of tea.

Now, gotta sell this Sem, I mean Seben.

Still haven't tried though as should get more new and NRFBox.

Any other ideas as I can buy 2nd hand with Paypal!

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