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Mount help please

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my telescope arrived today - skywatcher 150PL

started the daunting task of assembling the EQ 3-2 mount.

tube rings are connected to the (long) mounting plate,

and the mounting plate is on the mount itself, it is only held in place by 2 locking screws, the screws don't lock into any predefined grooves or holes, instead they seem to just push against the mounting plate sort of scratching or boring a mark/dent in the side of it, is this normal, or am i missing something here?

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Finally finished assembling mount and scope, collimated it, now just waiting for tonight, praying for clear skies, this is my first telescope, so very excited, its 150 PL (1200mm) i got eye pieces - 4mm / 6.3mm / 7.5mm / 10mm / 17mm / 25 mm ( didn't have a clue what to get so got a selection) :)

also got 2x / 3x Barlow lenses/ and moon filter and few coloured filters.

i had a £30 telescope from a toystore before, so this is a Major upgrade for me.

Jupiter rises just near to the west where my scope is situated, i have seen the planet itself, with the naked eye many a night, and now i'm finally going to get a look at this Joavian beast through my telescope, i also purchased Phillips spc900 webcam have the adaptor too, think i will spend a few nights getting used to the scope at first before leaping into astro imaging. sorry for waffling on and on, just excited :evil1:

anyway just wanted to say thankyou to everyone here at Stargazerslounge, as u pointed me in the right direction on scope choice, collimating , imaging , software etc, and the excellent link at top FLO where i purchased the scope itself.

so thanks all, and i will report my (First Light) if thats how u say it, and images later to follow :D

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Don't apologise for waffling on and on you have every reason to be excited, I have the f5 150p on order and am expecting it early next week and my excitement level is rising hour by hour.

Hope the sky clears for you and you have a great night. Look forward to your report.



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Not sure about Jupitor rising in the west!!! but have a great night with your new


When mounting the scope on to the mount suggest you find the balance point. You need to move the rings on the OTA until it balances, then mark the balance point on the dovetail with a pencil. Center that mark in the middle of the mount clamp before tightening the clamp screws.

One other suggestion. mount the OTA with the EP facing about 5 degrees to the left of the weights(facing down) this will give you the most comfertable viewing position usint the star diagnal.

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