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Used CPC 800 buying advice please


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Check the corrector plate for scratches, make sure the gps, motors and handset are working ok. If you have a chance to try it you can do a quick check of the collimation with a star test. Make sure the ota is properly fitted together with no gaps anywhere. Ensure the mirror's clean and not marked or pitted. Look for smooth movement of the focuser through it's whole range. Ensure the tripod lock levers aren't broken and extend it to full height so you can see if the legs are rusted at all.

My chillie is cooked now so if I think of anything else while I'm eating I'll come back to you :)

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Thank you all so much for yoyur advice, in particular Kim who has sent me several PM's and has made sure I haven't bought a pup. It has made all the difference and has allowed me to get a better scope than my budget originally allowed for. This morning I went to look at a 2 years old CPC 800, complete with pretty much all the extras I wanted, all for similar money to my original option of a new 6SE. To say I am delighted is an understatement. My wife is going to be so happy, and hopefully extra grateful, on Xmas day when she gets her present.

This site is wonderful, the people on here are so helpful. Keep it up and thanks again.


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