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Explorer 150P on a Porta II?

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A friend of mine has a Porta II, and would like to replace the current ST80 with a SkyWatcher Explorer 150P OTA (ideally the PL) but has some concerns about clearance, stability, ability to reach the zenith etc. The extra length of the PL seems particularly likely to be problematic - both for clearance and stability - but without seeing one up close it's hard to guess.

Anybody know if this setup works?

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I've not actually tried it but I've owned a Porta I and now an AZ-4, which is similar. If the Porta II is put on a steel tube tripod I reckon it would be OK with the 150P. MY AZ-4, on an HEQ5 tripod, carries my 6" mak-newt OK for visual up to 200x. The mak-newt is a bit longer and a lot heavier than the 150P. I think the PL might be too much though - it's the tube length that does it :)

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Thanks guys, useful feedback.

He was heading towards the PL as it's better suited for planetary - he's in the middle of town next to a brightly-lit Sainsburys so most DSOs are out. A Dob was my first suggestion, but he's in a tiny terraced house and doesn't have the space - whatever he gets needs to live under the bed! So I guess either the f/5 version or look towards the PL on the EQ3?

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Ben i just tried the 150PL on the Portamount out of interest! Awful lot of wobble due to the length of tube. Weightwise it seemed to cope - no strain on the ok so a shorter F5 should be fine. The EQ3 was also a bit wobbly with the PL though mine is an older version


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