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Registax help

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Hi All,

I've used registax before and never had any problems until now....

I took an avi of jupiter a couple of nights ago using my DMK31. I loaded registax and tried to 'select' my jupiter avi. I got an error message:

'Failed to start AVI decrompression, codec:dvsdvids'

:icon_scratch:Sadly, this is Greek to me.....Do any of you clever-clogs' know what's happening? Can I get it to work?

Cheers for any help.


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It reads in film clips and lets you change the codec, resolution, clip the length etc. With Registax problems its usually enough to just load the problem .avis into VirtualDub, select "Save as .avi" and the Registax can then read then .avis.

Its an extra step but it beats having a set of unusable .avis.

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