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gerald linnett

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Hi there, I have bought a second hand william optics zenithstar 80II ed telescope and I want to get some eyepieces , could you recommend any , I was going to get three to start with and my budget would be about £150 -£200 for the three,I was thinking of looking on ebay , can I have some advice ,Thanks Gerry

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Suppose that the obvious ones are the WO range's.

They have SWAN's at £60 a piece.

(SWAN = Super Wide ANgle.)

Hiccup is they come in 9, 15 1nd 20mm so nice views but not so much magnification.

WO do planetary eyepieces but no idea of the focal lengths. Have a look and see what is on offer. I have not looked at or for them.

Have found that Antares do a set of WA's which start at 4.8mm, so you will get fair magnification from them. Think (not 100% sure) that Rother Valley sell them. About £70 a piece.

Orion ED2's are good (S@N review liked them), look at SCS Astro or Wide Screen and check their prices. SCS are around the £75-80 mark.

Astronomics do what appear to be clones of the ED2 at £50 a piece.

TeleVue do a range of plossl's at £70-75 a piece, again they start at 8mm so you could want more magnification and so a smaller focal length.

I have stuck to sets as these will be parfocal, no great adjustment of focus when changing.

In your position I would probably try the ED2 (or clones) - but it is your money. They have a good selection and good eye relief.

Sizes: Should be able to get 120x from the ZS80 (possibly more) so that is a 4.5mm, a 5.5 or 6mm to give 90-100x, then a 12mm and a 20-25mm. Eyepiece will eventually add up to more then the scope.

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