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Jupiter's moons


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When viewing Jupiter's moons this evening the inner most moon appeared to be double (giving 5 moons).

I thought it might be my scope but I tried moving it and changing the eyepiece and still got what looked like two moons close together where the inner most moon should be.

Is this unusual? Any thoughts would be welcome.


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Yep same as what we saw with one other moon on the right hand side, worked out the outer most one was a background star, on my post of this one had a reply from Jahmanson:

"After the Callisto, Europa, Io and Ganymede, the next brightest of Jupiters 60+ moons is around 14th magnitude - I've seen a 13th mag supernova with a 12" scope from a dark sight once - and that was at the limit."

Awesome pic from a mobile Dubbs, almost better than what I saw in my scope!

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Cheers mate. Need to find out which filters I use to try and see the bands on Jupiters surface. You can faintly see them using our Celestron Powerseeker 127 with the revelation ep kit recently brought but would be nice to get better definition if its possible on that scope?

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