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  1. Good pics considering you used a phone camera. Thats how we started!
  2. Hi guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong section, please move it if it is. The house we used to live in had wonderful views across half the sky, had a good view of Polaris from a different spot in the garden and the skies were quite dark sometimes. We've now moved and unfortunately the new house doesn't facilitate our hobby. Can anyone suggest any decent dark site locations close to Tipton we could try please? Really missing the chance to go out and learn more Thanks, Craig
  3. I had the Powerseeker 127 and though it was ok for visual I wouldn't recommend it for photography. Save longer so you can purchase a better scope.
  4. There's a great vid on YouTube by Astronomy Shed which tackles the reticule problem Mark. It's one of his complete setup vids.
  5. Hi Everyone, Really starting to get a taste for AP now we've relocated our scope to a different area of the garden which you can see Polaris from (never did get Alignmaster to work....). Got some pleasing shots of Orion and now the Whirlpool Galaxy. We purchased a lens kit from FLO which included a number of filters. Now heres the problem. We have to attached our Canon 1000D to the Skywatcher 200 by removing the eyepiece holder and threading the section which attaches to the camera directly to the scope which means theres no physical way of attaching filters. Struggling to come up with a solution!!! I probably havent explained this well enough and if needed I can post some images of the various bits once I get home. Would like to get this fixed shortly as Orion is disappearing from our view fairly soon. I leave myself in your expert hands Thanks, Craig
  6. Daft question Gina but have you altered any of the settings once DSS has finished stacking?
  7. Took drizzle x2 off last night and processed the pictures no problem. Having said that the result wasnt quite what I expected so theres a few hours of post-processing to work on later lol
  8. Your right, I remember ticking drizzle x2 on the last session I did just to check what the option did. Thanks guys, I'll give it a go and I'm sure the resulting image will show up on here shortly
  9. Hi Guys, I've a small problem I hope one of you can help me with. I'm working on my first real imaging project - the Orion Nebula, and its all going quite well (apart from the cloudy nights we've had these past few nights). The problem I have is when I'm stacking the images in DSS I always end up with the message "Out of Memory". So I went out and brought more memory for the laptop (went from 3Gb to 6Gb), and tried again last night. Same thing happened. Whilst I know I can use my Cannon DSLR software to reduce the size of the image as a batch of files, it also seems to force you to save as JPGs which obviously I dont want. Can anyone recommend a different piece of software to resize the RAW files? I dont have PS, but I downloaded GIMP for the image processing. Cheers guys Craig
  10. Hi Guys, After spending countless sessions outside trying to get alignmaster to work for me (still trying....), the gf and I decided a session of just observing rather than imaging was called for. After looking a Orions Nebula, Jupiter, Venus and Mars the cloud started rolling in so we decided to end the 2 hour session with the Moon. It was like seeing an old friend again - I'd forgotten how much I miss looking at the Moon. So much so that we quickly grabbed the DSLR and attached it to the scope. The attached picture is the result - we loved it, hope you all do too
  11. OK, so I'm in Tipton - anyone near? Do you guys have regular meets or just arrange when the weather promises to be good? Need help with a few things so a local genius would be appreciated!
  12. Hi all, Anyone a user of the above? Tried it out tonight ( once I could get the laptop and scope talking) and after the first star it said the error was too big? Id already done a 2 star alignment on the handset before plugging in, not sure if your supposed to. To say the help page is poor would be an understatement, so as usual I'm passing it on to you helpful lot lol.
  13. I concer. In Tipton the sky was fairly clear last night but there was high cloud clearly visible around Jupiter.
  14. Very nice image. Thats very similar to what I have taken. Whenever I stack them in DSS I lose all the colour - go figure!?
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